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  1. Thanks Damara I understood that category info from LS''s last post (above). K visa.. filed for AOS, the interview was waived, though I didn't request it. My bad luck, her good fortune.
  2. Again kudos LS, confirmed. FYI: In my case, it matters very much, but I have a few workarounds (being cryptic)
  3. Thanks very much Lemonslice. PS: I'm staying out of the VAWA megathread for mental health reasons. I'll try to confirm your answer
  4. Now I'm confused....lol Does a cat IB-1-IB-6 mean an approved VAWA petition, rather than an approved ten year GC cat IR6 that I initially filed for ? Can't figure out why no couples interview for a valid marriage
  5. Was 'yes' sufficient, or do I need to elaborate ?....lol
  6. Long time forum member: Sorry for being cryptic, but I need to know if an approved 10 year GC would be the the same category listed on a VAWA petition. The 10 year GC cat: IR6 Thanks, Jonah