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  1. It might be different for different embassies but here is what happened to me (New Zealand) - I called my embassy and asked if I needed to provide the 2018 transcript and they said to upload the 2018 transcript to CEAC. Then about a week before the interview they suddenly emailed and said I also needed to submit a new I-864 as well with the 2018 data on it. It was very inconvenient because I was already in Auckland for the medical and interview (not my home city) so I had to try to find places with internet and to print and scan everything! Then when I tried to upload it the CEAC portal kept crashing. I asked the lady at the embassy if I could just email it to her and she said no, it has to be uploaded to CEAC by me so just keep trying. Not much fun when you are in a strange city without easy access to a computer/internet etc! I finally got it done but would recommend uploading both the transcript and updated I-864 well in advance so you’re not super stressed at the last minute like I was!! As I said, this might be different for different embassies though, of course!
  2. Had my interview today at Auckland embassy in New Zealand. They asked: 1. What’s your favourite color 2. Where did you meet your husband 3. How did the relationship progress after the first meeting 4. Why do you want to move to the USA Then they said you’ve been approved!!! Didn’t ask for any documents or proof of relationship, photos etc!!! Also they let my husband come to the interview with me We have been married 4 years and living together in NZ so that probably made it easier. Thanks everyone here for all the help and support and wishing you all the best!
  3. I think it depends on the embassy. My embassy sent me an email saying I didn’t need to bring the I-864 at all but requested some extra documents that the NVC had not asked for like proof of my ability to earn an income in the US. You should also go to this page and choose your embassy and it should have instructions: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/list-of-posts.html My embassy is very good about answering questions by phone call or email too so hopefully other embassies will be - you should try that if you’re receiving confusing information. All the best!
  4. That’s so strange, a similar thing happened to us when we submitted our documents, everyone else was getting CC after about 1 week but ours took 3 weeks. It wouldn’t hurt to call the embassy, we call them all the time, but I don’t know if they can help much until NVC has scheduled the interview. You could also call NVC again and tell them you know other people that have received them and ask why yours is delayed in spite of the earlier PD and CC date. We did that with asking why our CC was not happening and a few days later it came through.
  5. Hopefully you hear something soon, got my date for Auckland interview today My husband has been living in NZ with me too, so our cases are pretty similar! Wishing you all the best!
  6. Got my interview date today! PD March 26, 2018 CC March 22, 2019 Interview date 9 May Embassy: Auckland New Zealand Good luck to everyone still waiting!
  7. Just got documentarily qualified notification, that means case closed right? Submitted documents 1 Mar
  8. Still waiting too - submitted 1 March. Hope you hear something soon!
  9. We submitted on the 1st and still nothing :’( Called NVC and they wouldn’t say why they’ve skipped us but said we will hear something by Friday.
  10. We submitted our documents on the 1st March. Should we be worried that we haven’t heard back yet? It seems like they’re processing people who submitted after us now
  11. Yes that happened to me on the address page too. It would time out before I could add all the previous addresses but wouldn’t let me save the page until I had added them all. But when I logged back in I found my internet browser had saved what I put in before as auto fill suggestions so by using the down arrow to select those I could do it quickly before it logged me out! Hopefully that might work for you
  12. Hope you can log in soon! The same thing happened to us and we called and were told it could take 6 weeks to fix but then it worked after a couple of days so don’t lose hope!
  13. Thank you! So just to clarify, you’re saying we should leave all those boxes that don’t apply completely blank? Awesome thanks, and should we put that the petitioner is unemployed or should we put down his current job (that will cease when we move) where it asks for current employment but with $0 as the income? Thanks, much appreciated
  14. I have a few questions about the I-864 that I was wondering if anyone could help with! 1. I have heard that you should fill in all the boxes and not leave anything blank. What about for Alien Registration Number and USCIS Online Account Number - if I don’t have one, should I put anything in that box (if so, what?) or is it ok to leave that one blank? 2. In Part 3 if there are no other family members being sponsored, do I have to put N/A in ALL the other boxes (about additional family members - questions 4a-28), or can those be left blank? 3. The sponsor’s physical address is the same as mailing address but I heard that you can get RFE for leaving that blank, so do I need to put N/A in all those boxes too? Or should I just put the same address again? 4. In part 5 (household size) if we have no children, should we leave that box blank, put “0” “zero”, or “N/A” or “none”? 5. The petitioner is currently living in New Zealand with the beneficiary. His employment will cease when we get to the USA. (We have a joint sponsor) So in Part 6 - employment and income, should we put that he is employed or unemployed since he is currently employed but his income will cease when we move. Should we put “$0” for income or put his current income? 6. For part 6, Questions 8-19, we are not using income from any other person in our household. Do we put N/A in all those boxes or leave blank? 7. The petitioner’s recent tax transcripts from the IRS all say $0 for income (as he has not earned any income in the USA). In the box for Total Income, should we put “$0”, “zero” or “none”? 8. Our joint sponsor files tax jointly with his wife but the wife doesn’t actually work so earns nothing. Does the wife have to fill out I 864a or can we just submit W2s for the sponsor showing that he is the one who earns all the money? 9. Do we need to put N/A in all the boxes for part 7 - “Use of assets to supplement income” if we’re not using any assets, or can we just leave blank? 10. We have no interpreter or preparer. Do we need to put N/A in all the boxes for Interpreter, Preparer and Additional information, or can we leave these blank? We would be so grateful to anyone who can offer answers for any of these questions!!!
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