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  1. Hello, I want to withdraw or close my case with NVC since I will be adjusting my status here in the US after getting (advance parole-parolee status) One of the questions on the I-485 application says" Have you ever applied for an immigrant visa to obtain permanent residents statys at a US embassy or US consulate abroad? YES OR NO I have gotten my I-130 approved already but got a NVC case number how would I go on to close that case . can I send my adjustment of status packet before closing it my NVC case ?
  2. This is incorrect I just talk to an immigration Lawyer about this he said this is not true. So I wont be needing a cosponsor even if Im doing consular process. Thank you anyways.
  3. "If you included the income of the intending immigrant who is your spouse (he or she would be counted in Part 5., Item Number 1.), you must provide evidence that his/her income will continue from the current source after obtaining lawful permanent resident status, and the intending immigrant must provide evidence that he or she is living in your residence. " This is what the form says
  4. is this because I will be doing consular process what if I was doing the adjustment here in US?
  5. I have employment authorization I've been working with a social since 2012 and report taxes, why wont it be included.
  6. Do I still need a joint sponsor/co sponsor if the beneficiary me (has a work permit-DACA) combines income with the petitioner in form I-864 to meet income requirements doing consular visa process?
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