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  1. Thank you! Do you have any idea why they asked us for school transcripts? Best of luck for you too! 💜💕
  2. Let me explain, he lived all his life here in Venezuela until sept 2018, when he decided to emigrate to the US (he's a citizen) . In all these years he dind't leave the country...😭 . We basically saw eachother daily... Thank you for the article!!! I am going to do that!!!❤️
  3. Hello! unfortunately we haven't travel together. And here, in Venezuela, we don't have train tickets (bc it is free, most of the time) and theme parks doesn't exist😢. We used to go out to eat, to the movies, drive around the city, go to the beach, or just spend time at each other's house... All we have are pictures, and I don't know how to demostrate to USCIS the legitimate date of them. We were a normal couple, in our home country, until Venezuela situation got worse and my fiance had to emigrate to the US 😐
  4. Hello! this is my first time posting here... 😢 We received today a RFE, regarding our case, asking us for legitimate proof of our meeting in person within the 2 years requirement. We would like to know how to respond properly, due to in the application we included pictures of many different moments and events together, each of them with a little description of what we were doing that day, date, etc. WE DO ACCOMPLISH the two-year requirement. We don’t have any travel documents because we used to live in the same city since we met in 2015 until September 2018, when Cristian, my fiance (the petitionary), moved to the US. Within that 3-year period we used to see each other almost every day and that’s why we are a little sad and we would like to know if you guys have any advice or recommendation to respond to this, what stuff we should include, should we send the same pictures, i don't know 😢😢... P.S: We don’t even know why are they asking us for school transcripts P.S2: We are attaching a photo of our RFE. We would be very grateful with your help!! Thanks...
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