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  1. The NBC is the National Benefits Center in Missouri, it’s one of the USCIS service centers that process the petition. And the address under the Application Support Center is the location where you need to go to do your biometrics.
  2. Here’s an update for my AOS application: Feb 11 - Received 3 NOA1 letters in d mail Feb 15 - Received Biometrics Letter Feb 26 - Biometrics schedule
  3. Yeah, all we can do is to patiently wait and hope for the best. I just talked to my friend, she got her biometrics schedule already, it’s gonna be on the 11th this month which is tomorrow. She sent the lacking documents a day after she got the RFE letter.
  4. Yup! She sent it first week of January and got her RFE before she even gets a biometric schedule. It really is a case to case basis.
  5. As long as you get married within 90 days you’re fine. There is no deadline for adjusting your status but it is best to process it as soon as you can so you can get a job legally (if you want to work here) and will be able to enter US again if you want to go visit your home country.
  6. Yes, it is perfectly fine to file I-485 AOS even if your I-94 is expired. I only sent W2’s and 1040 for 2018 taxes bec i couldn’t wait anymore and just sent it. Will update you guys if they accept just the 1040 for 2018 or need the tax transcript.
  7. Mine has been expired a long time ago. Just make sure you get your SSN before it expires so it won’t be a hassle for you. Bec some states would require at least your combo card to get SSN if your I-94 is expired.
  8. I sent W2’s for 2016-2018, 2016-2017 ITR and only 1040 for 2018. It may or may not work for my application but a friend of mine sent her application first week of Jan 2019 and she recently got an RFE asking for recent tax papers. She only sent 2015-2017. But it’s a case to case basis so let’s just all hope for a smooth process.
  9. Hello gusy! Just wanna share my timeline so far. Jan 28 - Sent packet Feb 1 - Packet delivered Feb 5 - Charged our credit card Feb 6 - Received 3 text messages from USCIS