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  1. I used the following: 1. Letter from employer stating tenure and salary. I know they don't need the salary, but this is a standard letter employers issue. 2. Passport stamps showing when I left and returned. (I had just gotten a new passport about a year before, so most of this came from an old passport). 3. A single months electricity bill, a different month phone bill, and a different month cable/internet bill. This was overkill I suppose.
  2. I've never experienced it when it wasn't "caused" by me. I would be going nuts if we were still living in the Philippines.
  3. I've never heard the word tampo until today, definitely experienced it early on dating my wife. Would drive me nuts. Once I made it clear homey don't play that game, it's mostly gone away. I'd have to really piss her off to get the silent treatment now. Legitimately be an azzhole. Remember the cultural differences. Some things that are completely normal here, are seen as a slight over there. Have that talk and the tampo should go down.
  4. Some people have very little experience with people, which leads them to believing the best in people. You can have a good heart and be skeptical.
  5. Nice! My wife's family let me use their car whenever I wanted. Even the day they met me, I always thought that was cool. Never asked for anything other than physical labor a few times. Normal son-in-law stuff. I hear the horror stories, I always wonder how a guy can get tricked. I think the guys getting tricked have very little experience with women in general, or they're thinking with the wrong brain.
  6. She got lucky that a annulment lawyer happened to be in the family, she got the family rate. It was offered to speed some of the process up, like the sending of documents, updating documents. Those "gifts" were less than 20,000 php. That's just a few thousand here or there to get a pencil pusher to move a piece of paper to the top of the pile. Maybe sped things up a few months at the end.
  7. My wife's was 18-24 months, somewhere in there, but she only paid 150,000 pesos. This was ~5 years ago.
  8. This was years ago...You can probably get it done a little quicker the more$Ks you add to it.
  9. hahaha Don't buy any fridges or ACs also. I seem to see that one a a lot.
  10. Been meaning to post my suggestions in here for quite some time. I worked and lived in the Philippines for about 5 years. I eventually ended up living in Cavite. Not going to review my own home. It was pleasant though. For USEM: Rizal Park Hotel - Large rooms, great bathrooms, and during the week you can get really good rates. It's on the same side of Roxas as the embassy and should't be more than a 5-10 minute safe walk. Rooftop bar and in house restaurant are pricey. A quick walk across Roxas gets you many dining options. You're also super close to Ocean Park, Rizal Park, BI, Intramuros, and many other place great for locals and non so locals. This is my favorite hotel in Metro Manila by a mile. For MOA/DFA: Sea or Shell Residences - Close and budget friendly. Rooms are small, but how much time will you spend in your room if you're vacationing or visiting MOA? Plus you get access to pool and you're so close to Casinos and other touristy stuff. Red Planet Aseana - Budget hotel my company would put us up at during rain/typhoon days. Not much amenities, just a cheap clean room. A little farther away from MOA than Sea and Shell, but still not more than a 15 minute walk. Hop Inn Aseana - See Red Planet For Makati: Jade Suites - It's bit off the beaten path. It's a clean budget friendly place close to many restaurants and shops. You will need to take a cab/jeep if you want to get to any of the bigger malls. Holiday Inn - I can't remember if it's attached to Greenbelt or Glorietta. My company put me here. It was pricey, I wasn't paying for it. Nice to be connected to a mall when you're going there alone. Other places I loved: Crimson in Alabang - Not that expensive, $80 a night. Great rooms and amenities. Quick easy travel around Alabang. Bus terminal right there if you're bus person like me. Second favorite place! Ramada Grand Central - This is in Binondo, my favorite place in the metro. Good prices, great breakfast and you can walk right into China Town/Divisoria. Places I would Avoid: Microtel by MOA - You're paying a premium to be a tiny bit closer to MOA than other places. The hotel is less than 5 years old, yet felt 15 years old. Lorenzo Suites Makati - Booked this place to crash after a flight. It's in a weird neighborhood and doesn't have an elevator. Heritage Hotel - It's in the worst spot for traffic and cabbies there were always a-holes. Rooms have been updated since I stayed. The location is horrid. Red Planet Manila - I felt like I may catch the clap walking in. Conrad Manila - it's very expensive. Book a room at Sea and then go hang out at the Conrad if you want to go there. You get what you pay for. If you must go with a budget hotel, go with something newly built.
  11. The US government is really strict about have all documents and original documents. That's all I know. You should call the embassy you're working with.
  12. My now wife went through an annulment in the Philippines. The only way to speed it up is to make it more "expensive" or to know someone inside the system. It's already about $3k and takes 2 years. Search around the forum, there is many recommendations already in here.
  13. OP Follow this!^ Hank is always spot on. Talking about sex is still a little taboo in the Philippines. I have only been with one Filipina, but my experience working in the Philippines is that they are just as promiscuous as American woman. They just don't broadcast it like western women. Judgement free here, everyone should practice as much safe sex as they want. I would advise everyone anywhere not to care how many partners someone had before they met you, all that matter is you're their only partner now. You have to trust that someone you care about cares enough about you to make sure they're not giving you an STD. My now wife and I were only together for about 6 months before we got pregnant, so of course I sent money for that. But in those 6 months she tried to pay for everything., or we went dutch. She hates the white knight stereotype. If she is constantly in need of money, that's a red flag. If she is short 1k php every now and then, that seems pretty normal. If she didn't have money for Christmas gifts, that also seems weird to me. They have 13th month pay laws in the Philippines that specifically boost pay around Christmas time. Some companies offer 14, 15, and 16 month pay. Did you constantly give money to girlfriends in the USA? Probably not. If she has a job, she should live within those means, unless of course you're wealthy, then stop being so cheap. "Budget" is literally the only thing my wife and I argue about. I am super conservative with money. Why eat out? Why buy new clothes when these still fit? We've booth had to budge on this one. i occasionally get a new shirt and try new restaurants, she doesn't complain about our 12 YO car. We did the K1 because I wanted her here faster. While our child is a US citizen, he was there with her, so I wanted him here sooner too. If there was no kid, I would have done the marriage visa.
  14. Try United, booked with them through Guam before.
  15. Yeah, it's really hard to get a job in the Philippines if you want one, more likely someone would find you and give you one. I've heard, though not sure if legal in Phils, that if you have a W@H job in the US, it's entirely ok to enter the Phils on a tourist visa and do your US based W@H job while there. That is probably your best option. I met my wife while on an extended work trip, so I already had the work visa. Once I showed my value working there, they kept renewing the work visa.
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