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  1. Fogi

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    How much does she make, this is another red flag. Engaged people know each others wages.
  2. Fogi

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    Yeah, IDK what to say. Won't be your friend on social media, that's really weird. First loves man....
  3. Fogi

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    It's very strange she would keep you from her friends. That's red flag city. You say you spent a lot of time and money? Are you sending money or gifts even though she has good job?
  4. Woooooo! I was more concerned with the Gopher game, as I am sure you were, being the Nature Boy and all. I live in one of the redder and brighter states in our great nation, I know the two are not mutually exclusive. Baby's ego was bruised, he needed an atta boy, he knew where to get it. Pointing out how dimly lit Alabama is, was just for kicks. 🙂 The water is nice!
  5. Proud boys, emphasis on the boys, is just a group of incels that need jobs. Similar to antifa in that regard. The two groups do have that common ground.
  6. Of course he was cheered in Alabama.....50th in education https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/alabama
  7. That was also a big issue in the Philippines. Restaurants would often be out of the first 2-3 things I tried to order.
  8. Not many Filipinos in the Dakotas, so no traditional restaurants for me. Surprising the Asian markets here have a lot of stuff you can get at grocery stores in the Philippines. I've hit it up a few times for sauces. There is a Jollibee in Winnipeg, I could drive up one afternoon for some Chicken Joy. As someone else mentioned, there are some in the Twin Cities. The only time I attempted to go, it was closed at 2 PM on a Sunday. My take on Filipino food is it completely depends on how long ago the food was made and the cut of meat, I don't want to pick bones out of my food that was made 12 hours ago. When made with fresh ingredients and non-grade z meat, it's fantastic. Heart of banana, pancit, and chicken BBQ from the kuya down the street are my favorite dishes.
  9. Yes, some places will allow you to complete medical with just a screenshot showing it's At NVC. Not sure of all locations, would need to contact the local medical facility.
  10. Called and received case number 10/22 Medical 10/28-29 In transit 10/29 We're cooking with gas people!
  11. Little know fact about Americans, we've all been married and lie about it. It's as American as apple pie.
  12. Similar to the beneficiaries that didn't know their partner was a RSO until it came up in this process. I'd imagine that conversation is tougher than the one the OP needs to have.
  13. Twice within the past 4 years, maybe 5 years. I've flown to Manila and back 18 times in that period, hard to keep track of what trip was what route.
  14. Thanks for confirming I am not crazy. I remember it being the least hassle I had at an airport. Sometimes the MNL to Guam to Hawaii to Denver United flight saves enough money to make it worth the extra stops. I don't remember the exact order you go through. I fly into MSP and ORD the most, both suck.
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