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  1. We have the k-1, she got here on December 19 and we were married 1/1/2020. We just sent in the form and requested the SSN on the form but we think it may be better to get it now.
  2. Yesterday I sent my I-485 Adjustment of Status package to USCIS. I did not apply for Social Security Number when I came to the US. So I requested for one in my paper work. Now, if I apply for a Social Security Number in person, would this result in RFE? Many thanks.
  3. No, you can’t take the passport and bring it back after your trip, if you are approved they will keep it. If you have a tourist visa currently that will be voided when you are approved for the K1. My fiancee had a 10 day window between two jobs that involved travel and I told her to let he employer know that if the passport wasn’t returned she wouldn’t be able to travel to the country for work. Luckily she had her passport in hand 4 days later. Good luck to you.
  4. Wait for the passport back and be sure it is all correct! The all say not to book before you get it in your hand and that is the best advice! My fiancee had a job lines up and was working in the UK until Sept. 21, flew back to Turkey and had her interview on the 23rd. She arranged to have a job and had to be back in the UK on the following monday. She was ready to give up that job but she did get her passport back with the visa inside it by the same friday! She was very lucky it all worked out! You may not get that lucky. Good luck to you!
  5. Generally you will leave the interview knowing that you are approved. My fiancee had her interview in Turkey on Monday and she knew she was approved before she left. She had her passport back on friday.
  6. My fiancee just had her interview in Turkey on Monday and was approved, had her passport back by the same friday. On my I-134 I only stated my income, (which was above the requirements.). I also submitted a letter from my employer and my most recent W-2 along with my tax return from last year along with 5 pay stubs reflecting my current salary that was increased for the new year. Bank statements are not required in our experience. Good luck to you!
  7. Today was my fiancée’s interview in Ankara Turkey and after nearly 8 months of waiting for this process she was approved to come here! Hang in there, there is an end to this part of the process.
  8. If they have the k-1 then no, they are not required to have a return flight.
  9. We printed our photos through an app that gives 80 photos/month free only paying for shipping. We labeled them on the back and put them into a ziplock bag taped to a piece of 8.5x11” card stock. We did the same with all items that were smaller than 8.5x11” including the mugshot photos and all prints of every page of my passport.
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