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  1. @Diachka I submitted an employment verification letter signed by an HR specialist and it was accepted. The letter was on company letterhead and stated my hire date, title, salary, and that I am still an active employee
  2. I called NVC yesterday to ask if they are still scheduling March interviews. The representative said “I haven’t been told they have stopped scheduling”. I don’t know if this response was directed at my embassy only or just in general. My embassy is Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Petition for husband IR1 CC: 1/23/19
  3. @kateree11 I submitted all documents on 12-26/18 and they accepted all but one document on 1/10/19 because it was sideways. I resubmitted that same day and they accepted the last document on 1/23/19 and I received notice that I was documentarily qualified the same day. My embassy is Santo Domingo. I am hoping for interview in second to last week of March because it’s my Spring Break from grad school. If not, I may have to move things around but it will be worth it.
  4. This wait seems to be forever. Priority date is 12/28/16 and CC 1/23/19.
  5. Any interview dates for Santo Domingo? If so, when was your case complete?
  6. Hello! I am US citizen petitioning for Spouse with IR1 category. My CC date is 01/23/2019. Embassy is Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Has anyone gotten their interview date recently for February, March 2019? please also provide your CC date so I can try to map out when mine will be scheduled. THANK YOU!!! Only for Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Embassy