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  1. Naina khan

    Phone call from embassy

    Hi guys. I am trying to fill out the questionnaire. Two concerns.. i was sent the questionnaire and was not given the actual form DS 5535. They specified to answer in an editable text form? Ate they asking to have an editable form because they want to add or edit it if they want? I am unable to create an editable version on my computer. I have filled out the answers on the questionnaire .. made a pdf. Was thinking .. i will just put as an attachment and reply to that email? Went to staples... they do mot know how to change it to an editable one. Adobe is complicated. What do i do? Help please. Someone...I thought i should get a DS 5535 actual form and fill it? But these forms are expired since 2017. May b they only use the questionnaire now and not the form? Desperate...😒
  2. Naina khan

    Phone call from embassy

    Yes They did keep the passport. However yesterday we received an email with the famous “ Questionaire” with the security questions about last 15 years. I guess now it will be in the black long hole of AP? But what can we do... rather than waiting. I have heard once it goes to State dept , it takes long. I have two questions.. First, this kind of AP, when they send you a questionare... aways takes 6 months or more? Or someone with the questionare situation was lucky enough to have the clearance faster? Secondly... what is the success percentage( visa issued) after the state dept AP?? What are the chances?? I heard , some cases are rejected and sent back to USCIS. Really, hopes shattering now😒😒..Should i still be excited that after the AP time, we will get our visa and try to spend our lives together. Please help. Thanks.
  3. Naina khan

    Phone call from embassy

    Thank you guys. Question please? Now Since Monday... The date updated was 2/11. Today the date updated is 2/12. However the status remains AP. What does that mean? At least someone touched it again?
  4. Naina khan

    Phone call from embassy

    Every thing straight forward. K 1.... No issues. Strong paperwork with good income and affidavit of support. Interview great. Counselor said congrats, it is approved. So is it simply in AP? What does the call mean telling us not to buy ticket yet as some official work is being done. When asked, he said it is not a refusal call. Just stay hopeful and wait. And the CEAC status went back to AP. It was on READY.
  5. Naina khan

    Phone call from embassy

    Off course not. But if they call u and say do not buy the ticket yet the case is in AP. Wait and remain hopeful. What does it mean. I know about AP. But my question is the phone call? Is this usual for them to call and advise not to buy ticket yet? It makes sense. But is there a red flag? Is this normal?
  6. Naina khan

    Phone call from embassy

    Islamabad. Now the status is changed again to AP from READY and the update date is yesterday.
  7. Hi. Fiancé visa was approved on 1/29. No 221 g , no additional papers were asked. VO said 7 to 10 days. Next day Ceac site displayed AP. Two days ago it changed to Ready with a new date. I was hopeful that someone has touched it and soon it will change to Issued etc. But this morning my fiancé received a phone call from the embassy.. stating that some office work is going on.. so do not buy the ticket yet.. Very confused and depressed. What does it mean? Is it in AP? Should we be worried? Did any one else received any phone calls like this? Please advise. Thank you.
  8. Naina khan

    K1 Visa Approved LND & 18th of January 2019

    Hi LDSCRAKE.... Any updates? Is it still under READY? I hv the same status.
  9. Naina khan

    K1 interview

    Hi guys. thank you. So today the status for my fiancé on Ceac site changed to READY. From AP. However , surprisingly, underneath it states its ready for an interview at the consulate. But the interview was done already. And previous status was AP. I don’t understand this... lol. What’s happening now? And the case created date has changed as well as Case updated date has changed to feb 9th. Can someone help please? Desperate.... Is it a bad thing if it says READY?
  10. My fiancé was interviewed a week ago in Islamabad for KI visa. After an extensive friendly interview, the VO congratulated my fiancé and said your visa has been approved and you will get it from the Courrier service in 7 to 10 days. No 221 g or any other slip was given. The VO did not mention any AP at all. We have not received any notification for visa pick up since 7 days. When i check Ceac website for visa status it says it is in AP. What does it mean? Even the VO did not mention any AP and simply congratulated and said visa approved and u will get it in 7 to 10 days.... it can still be send to AP? Can someone advise pkease. Thank you.