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  1. She was able to join the group, thanks for the help. 👍🏻
  2. Update for anyone that needs future guidance: I stayed in Russia and it was the best decision. My fiance snatched a date this morning and girls on whatsapp group alerted me at the same time he was booking an appointment. Team work is definitely a great help when it comes to K1s in Russia.
  3. Thank you so much for your reassurance as well. Im taking full coverage when it comes to monitoring. Im talking WhatsApp, website monitoring and even my fiancé is calling the embassy quite frequently. I know it is discouraging at times especially when I know there are a lot of people waiting on an available slot and some are waiting far more than I have. Im just here praying and taking action and hoping everything turns out well, not just for me, but for everyone who’s in the same boat as I am. Thank you for your help.
  4. Absolutely, I think it’s the best choice after weighing in all options. Im afraid to try to transfer and repay fee, then wait a month for the transition only to find that moscow has available dates. Your words just reassured me of my decision and yes, Im monitoring on the chat and I will patiently wait. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the Kazakhstan tip, my fiance has traveled to Kaza so as far as I know it’s open borders with Russia. I also thought about Georgia as I know several people went there. However, my biggest concern would be where he would receive his passport. If I had to do this process (after NOA2) again I would definitely suggest several things. 1) Don’t stress while waiting for a change from NOA2 to NVC stage, because most likely nothing will happen before four weeks and constantly calling to NVC will only cause super stress. 2) Don’t try to skip steps after NVC number is assigned. I mean, don’t pay for visa ahead of time and don’t complete DS160. I completed DS160 as soon as I got the MOS number because I wanted to send my fiance the printed confirmation page along with the affidavit of support, turns out I did it again because I had this uneasy feeling I had done something wrong because I was rushing. So after I got the email from embassy in which it confirmed that our case was ready for interview scheduling, I did the following: - Opened Ustraveldocs Account - Completed new DS160 - paid visa fee - submitted visa fee receipt number to get calendar opened After five days my calendar option was opened. If one tries to pay for visa fee ahead of schedule the calendar request will take longer, as I recently found out. I was also going to schedule an early medical exam before the interview and my fiance was suggested by the embassy not to do it, because even though they say the exam is good for six months, it can be rejected after four. Sorry for long reply I just wanted to share my experience and maybe this will help someone who needs guidance and support. It’s such a difficult process to go through when one feels alone.
  6. Yes, I joined both groups and even though I dont speak russian, they did offer their help. Luckily I joined the monitoring chat for interview availability. Thank you for that information.
  7. I hadnt considered Poland. Do you happen to know if Russian citizens need a Polish visa?
  8. I had considered Ukraine and Georgia, but just thought maybe it was better to stay in Moscow and now it seems Im reconsidering. Luckily, I was able to join the group support and Im hoping soon a date will open up for me. It also didnt help that I over logged in to the ustraveldocs account and now Im on suspension lol.
  9. Thank you for your help. May I please have the information about this group chat? I would appreciate it greatly if Im allowed to join.
  10. I appreciate your words and Im surely keeping the faith. Im sure I’ll eventually get one.
  11. Thank you and yes, very frustrating and uncertain. Very heartbreaking at times.
  12. Hello everyone, So, Im finally at the stage where Im allowed to get an appointment for our k1 and since I know that a K1 interview in Moscow is a tough one to snatch, I’d like to ask anyone for any tips or help to make this process a little easier. Im trying to find an open slot through the ustraveldocs account, as well as calling the embassy twice a day. I’d like to ask anyone for suggestions. Thank you.
  13. Hi everyone, Im attempting to pay my visa fee using a credit card. After agreeing with the terms and conditions it has APPLICANT DETAILS and I have one tiny question. It’s asking for the date of birth, card holder name, email, and phone number. Is it asking for my birth date, even though Im the petitioner and not beneficiary? Thanks
  14. Thanks, it seems I’ll be getting my notice around the same time you got yours, hopefully.
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