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  1. Last week november 19,2019 i had my interview for the k1 fiance visa and i was given a 221g to submit additional documents.after my interview i check my status online at ceac website and it says its under administrative processing.so i complete and submit the required documents being asked with my 221g white paper along with my passport back to the embassy as indicated on the 221g paper.the next day i check my visa status online and it says "No Status" and i check the tracking of the document thru 2Go the carrier here in philippines and it says still in transit.so im really confused coz i check on ceac the meaning of "no status" on visa status and it means thia status show on online application until the interview is completed.so im confused coz i was already finished with my interview with the consular and i also submit all the documents needed for the 221g.i also write them an email inquiring about my k1 fiance visa status and automatically reply some steps to check if that will help my concern but neither of the suggestion listed is on my concern so they said they will reaponse after 5 days.i just hope you can explain to me whats happening with my k1 fiance visa status.Thanks.God bless!
  2. My fiance was born in america.his an american by birth.they were asking the certificate of no marriage record to check that he was not married here in the philippines.coz my fiance has an exfiance who was a filipina but their relationship didnt work out and he has his exfiance petition as first for the fiance visa but his exfiance didnt go to the interview before.so now its his second petition so they were asking if my fiance was married or not.
  3. I agree coz i read online that there is no such record but i also read that you can request thru local department of health in your county about no marriage record statement.
  4. Hello everyone.me and my fiance would like to seek for help and advice on what document to send as a proof that my foreign fiance has never been married.i know in philippines they have cenomar (certificate of no marriage) but how about in the US what document can my fiance get as a proof that he has never been married?i hope you can help me and my fiance,we just received a 221g letter and we are trying to gather what document record my fiance can provide to show that he has never been married.
  5. I would like to ask here if there are any petitioner who file bankruptcy report while they are in the middle of the stage waiting for the case number from National Visa Center and did their fiance passed the interview even if the petitioner file bankruptcy.im just worried and same as my fiance coz we would like to know if filling for bankruptcy will affect or disrupt the process and approval of the k1 fiance visa petition.i hope you can help us with advice and suggestion from your experience.thank you and God bless!
  6. Well i do agree with you,everyone has different case andnit all depends on the timeline of the uscis with all the process ongoing.i just told my fiance that we will just wait for the mail of the hard copy letter of the approval notice that will be sent by uscis.its just a lot of patience is needed in processing and prayers as well.thank you for your advice greenbaum.God bless you!
  7. We do have the first NOA2 mailed to us last june 21, 2019 but it was revoked coz they sent to us an RFE letter the next few days thats June 27,2019.and now my fiance answer the RFE and it says on the website case approved and said on the website they will mail us the approval.my question is, are they going to send us a new NOA2 with the correct approve date and validity date?how long do you get NOA2 thru mail after they approved it?
  8. I would like to ask if any one here has the same case as my fiance.wherein we got a notice of approval or NOA 2 last June 2019 but then it was been changed a few days later to RFE which they ask for additional evidence which my fiance answered and after uscis received my fiance reply to RFE we check online and it says approved.so now were waiting for a notice of approval thru mail coz it says on the website that they will mail my fiance a notice of approval. So we ask our advisor for our visa process whos assisting us in processing our petition,he said that uscis will not mail my fiance a new NOA2 coz uscis will just email him and use the first NOA 2 send to us but then i told our advisro the approval date is different and even the validity date is different so how come it will be used again the same.isnt it supposed to be a new NOA2 that will be mailed to my fiance for the approval. I hope you can help me clarify my understanding here about the process and if uscis will send us a new NOA 2 with the correct approval date.if theres is anyone who can give us an advice about our case me and my fiance would appreciate it.Thanks!
  9. Thank you for the advice,we highly appreciate it.this jouney is really long but me and my fiance patiently waiting.Yes me and my fiance will just wait for the new NOA2.
  10. I just want to ask if anyone here has the same issue like our case wherein the NOA2 was change to RFE.my fiance received NOA2 approval but then after few days he received a RFE.which my fiance answered the RFE and return it to the addressed for the RFE response.I would like to ask will my fiance receieved another new mail of hard copy of NOA2 after our RFE response got approved or will the uscis tell us to.use the first NOA2 they mailed to us before?im just worried and confused.i hope someone can help us with the same.situation as ours.advice from anybody is appreciated and a big help.
  11. Good day to all i would like to ask if anyone here on this group did ever experienced or received the same we received an RFE from USCIS requesting for additional evidence for multiple filling.last 2 weeks ago my fiance got a letter from uscis a NOA 2 approval letter for our k1 fiance visa petition but then after a week he received another letter RFE or request for additional evidence for multiple filling.my fiance before has previous petition with his ex fiance but during their petition was in process their relationship didnt work out,after all the efforts he did to follow om their petition and he also given money to his exfiance to pay for the medical and interview ans he was told by his exfiance that she already pay for the medical and interview but then he wasnt receiving any email comfirmation regarding the interview schedule or even the ds-160 form.so.he confront his exfiance and he find out that his exfiance is still live in with her ex boyfriend and my fiance was told that they are not compatible.so this made my fiance cancel the previous petition but then his ex fiance told him that she will be the one who.will cancel it by sending email to.uscis that they will not pursue the previous petition.so my fiance didnt do anything about the previous petition.so when he file a new petition with me he hire an agency that will help us do the preparation of paperworks for the k1 fiance visa petition,but my fiance was worried coz he has a previous petition that didnt work out.the advisor from the agency told him that his previous petition will automatically cancelled after 2 years.so my fiance submit our k1 visa petition eventhough my fiance still.within the two years cover of his previous petition.my fiance is already working on the answer for the RFE for multiple filling and waiver request.we would like to know if anyone here has the same experience as me amd my fiance about receiving RFE for multiple filling and waiver.i hope you can share your experience and what you did to answer your RFE.it would be helpful with our situation.
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