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  1. Hello, I read somewhere here that some airlines do not know of the paper that extends the legality of the 2 year green card holder. We filed back in Feb of 2022 for removal of condition, as of today it just shows finger prints accepted. What airlines should we stay out of when going home to PHILIPPINES to avoid issues with customs and when it comes to just have the temp GC with the paper confirmation of 2 years extension? Thank you!
  2. 2023? Woaw thank you all for the input! Just trying to get the bigger picture of what could happen it’s really a 50/50 only $160 to lose if anything
  3. Hi all! just wanted to see if anyone had a recent experience. Husbands mom wants to visit here in the US the problem I see is that she’s in her mid 50s house wife no work. We support his parents financially. Not substantially but enough. I’ve read on here that she would have a better chance if she was a senior citizen. Any recent experience? I also see that appointments are about a year out as well so I understand it will take some time.
  4. Any one else dealing with this issue this year? i called this morning to get the case# which I did, but was told they had to send it back to USCIS due to an error, I wasn't advised why, but I tried calling back this evening to see if I could get any status why it would be sent back.. I was just told by the agent to give USCIS a call back tomorrow.. no criminal history for the both of us. He currently works in Dubai, he has already turned in his two weeks notice and is scheduled to go back home to the Philippines in February. Anyone else dealing with this? or have some type of steps/advice I should do I've read where at times cases were lost during the return and had to wait several months... :( i hope not!! :(
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