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  1. LaLaRI

    2Go delivery

    That’s the thing.. when we tracked it VIA 2Go it showed delivered... it’s almost 12 am there now... just our luck again.. hoping just for tracking error.. it showed delivered but attempt to deliver Monday.. unless they deliver Sunday?
  2. LaLaRI

    2Go delivery

    Okay so ID is needed for delivery. Will reply via text. Thanks Hank!! Tracked it via UStravel website what I got is below helped out the nerves a bit 😐
  3. LaLaRI

    2Go delivery

    How does 2go deliver the documents? Fiancé received a late today that it was going to be delivered was not home but now tracking detailed showed delivered? (Saturday there today) should we start freaking out?
  4. So long story short due to the missing letter my fiancé’s passport and the rest of what was delivered to him was sent back via 2Go to USEM with a 221G document and a formal letter stating the minor error.. this was delivered back in May 13 as of today we have yet to receive any update. I’ve sent an email asking for an update to the support-philippines@ustraveldocs.com I got an email back stating a case was opened and I should receive a reply within 1 to 2 days (May 23) according to CEAC it still shows issued from the original date. How long does this usually take? And what other steps can we take? Many of our friends and family advised that due to the whole changes in government it’s better to be safe with all correct info on the visa before any issue comes up upon arrival .. so I guess pressured to get it changed so we did.. fiancé went to USEM but since he doesn’t have a ticket within 14 days they advised to return it via 2go.. fiancés flight is not until July 17..
  5. LaLaRI

    CFO Sticker

    Ugh we sent ours back to USEM via 2go still waiting. We were planning to just use it, but we didn’t want to take the risk of being rejected just in case.. petitioners last name was missing the third letter... the flight isn’t til July.. so we’re just waiting and calling every other day... they said they’ll be working on it.. it delivered 5/13
  6. Ahhh I see perfect. Thank you for the clarification and scenario breakdown ☺️
  7. Good to know! Thank you! Those are the documents needed for the interview correct? I had a friend that didn’t even go through the interview! I didn’t know that possible they were ready coz they were already expecting. Thank you all! So get married courthouse file the AOS before the 90 days. The 6 month visa is only for entry into US right? It doesn’t include the 90days within the visa time? You guys are awesome!
  8. Hi all! (k1) new here on this side! Waiting for my fiancé to arrive ☺️ (July 17) currently getting his Visa revised due to a missing letter on my last name (petitioner, under the annotation) we didn’t want to take the risk of being rejected so we sent it back to USEM. My question is we have a set date to get married on OCT 13, does the AOS need to be filed within the 90 days? Or ok to file a week or two weeks after I know we need to marriage certificate for the package. From the Philippines forum it was also advised to file for his SS# first after arrival. Any other tips?? Does the AOS timeline depend on where you’re at? (In California) what’s the average lately even for just Employment Authorization? thank you!
  9. Did you have it corrected? Or left it as is and had your fiancé arrive to the US with the missing letter? We can’t get ahold of anyone at the embassy
  10. They left out the 3rd letter on my last name, I didn’t think it would be an issue since his name is correct. Just in case I had to ask because he was planning to leave around the 28th of this month so if it wasn’t necessary to get a revised Visa just coz of a missed letter cool then! Instead of additional delay to get it sent out redone and sent back to him. thank you!
  11. Hi! My fiancé received his passport today via 2GO (Interview 4/25, Issued May 2, Delivered May 😎 we noticed the my last name under the petitioner section on the actual visa is missing a letter. Would this be an issue upon arrival? What should be done?
  12. we’re currently in the process of waiting for my fiancé’s CFO appt, just doing the research for the next steps. We will be living in CA, I’ve been reading you can apply for a SSN even before getting married? But I was being told otherwise that we must be married first in order to get a SSN?
  13. Hello all, my fiancé is scheduled for the seminar on May 7 in Manila. Any experiences this year about what documents they requested? I know it varies.. we only have a copy of the cenomar I’m not sure if this will be an issue? It was taken with a cellphone so my fiancé’s hand is on it.. and would they question having the SSN blacked out on the tax document? Any recent experiences would help. Thanks!!
  14. LaLaRI


    Perfect! Good to know! question about CFO confirmation because the month of my date of birth is incorrect fiancé accidentally clicked JUL instead of JUN will this be an issue or can my fiancé let them know upon arrival as the appointment date has been set for May 7
  15. LaLaRI


    Sweet! 2 questions Does the AOS needs to be filed within the 90 days as well? My fiancé’s address of living will be mine, would it be an issue if my fiancé visits a relative for about a week or so as they have yet to seen each other for years?
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