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  1. Our interview was 3/4 updated by 3/4 card produced 3/4 mailed 3/9
  2. Yayy congrats!! Our officer gave us a paper I’ll take a pic of it when we get home showed a note (hand delivered) congratulations!! our last update on the website showed appointment cancelled our case didn’t show any new update yesterday but this morning I received an email regarding an update and when I checked “card being produced” 🤗🤗 that’s why it’s hard to trust the website sometimes because it’s not updated 2/3 appointment canceled received a letter by 2/8 if our appointment made 2/4 for 3/4 MYUSCIS website was never updated to appointment scheduled it was stuck on appointment canceled
  3. Yayy interview completed today! He gave us our approval letter at the end! appt 10:30 am Arrived to check in by 10:29 lol (security check took a bit but the guards assured us we were ok, looking for parking took a bit since the lots were full during that time) got called close to 11 and was told to go to a different room down the hall the officer called us about 15 minutes later and I was able to go with him interview was pretty relaxed the officer spoke a lot so it took out the pressure, pretty friendly actually! he scanned our insurance cards for the file took some pictures that we printed out from the file he arrived to last week when he got back he handed our passports and a paper showing congratulations! asked if we had any other question just reminded us how we can take out the conditional on the GC and we were on our way! Out by 12:10 pm Now lunch time! Los Angeles, CA
  4. LaLaRI

    ROM - CA

    Hahaha okay good to know yess EXACTLY HANK_ another reason to plan a party lol thank you!
  5. LaLaRI

    ROM - CA

    So we will finally have our interview for the GC tomorrow! Yay! Question I have is do we have to complete the ROM FirSt? Or it can wait? We were thinking of doing a small intimate wedding with my hubby’s family next year. I tried asking under the AOS forum but I just got looked over lol. thanks!
  6. Alright quick question we have yet to do the ROM for Philippines yet. Our interview is this Wednesday. Does it have to be done before? We were thinking of having another wedding in the Philippines by next year (civil) That’s why we have yet to complete that step. Or is it a bad idea to wait?
  7. He did his medical around feb of last year since it’s been about a year does he need to do a new one? copies of W2 as well even if it was already submitted? so pretty much whatever was included with the packet that was sent plus additional back up or our relationship after the marriage . thanks!!
  8. Hi all We have our interview next Wednesday just wanted to double check what docs we should bring??? Thanks!
  9. Awesome! Yes same thing that happened I just figured to wait it out. Finally! Yes! Good luck to us!
  10. Update! From receiving an update on the MyUscis website appointment canceled we received a letter for our appointment! we didn’t get a notice online but our appointment is March 4 10:30 am! Los Angeles, CA
  11. Have you tried calling? mid no changes for us this week I’m calling by next week for an update.. I’ve read before it’s system glitch at times and it’ll be scheduled later on.. no update on ur EAD?
  12. We received the combo card last week so not really stressing about the notice below. But anything should I do? I found threads that have dealt with this situation (same office LA) but no follow up or update. No appointment notice was ever received. Last update for I485 is ready for an appointment to be scheduled (Dec 5). Anyone? thanks!
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