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  1. It appears as so:..let’s hope so! Unfortunately, you’ll never get a confirmation from the USCIS Field Office you sent it to. Hope for the best!
  2. Hey... So, not a solution...but try calling it from a phone and see if you even hear the chirping noises if the other side picks up. If you hear anything else, either the phone line is down, busy, you have the wrong number, or the fax machine is probably offline. Just test that and see what happens?
  3. Shy of snail-mail or being able to hand-deliver them, the instructions received in the response to your Expedite Request is to fax in evidence of your justification for an expedite. Nowadays, this is true...fax machines are definitely a technology long passed it time. Tells you how antiquated those back-room processes still are.
  4. Your fax machine will "technologically" confirm that that fax was received by the recipient fax machine. Yes. but whether your processing Officer, or your case file, has received the fax, is another story. There is no tracking of that. At least...for now. And yes, I went through this process no only with my EAD/AP Expedite request (requiring a fax), but also my 485 Expedite Request, also requiring a fax follow-up. Neither were updated accordingly. Just had to hope for the best!
  5. You can't, and no one will. The Service Phone number is NOT at the location where your faxed documents go. There is NO tracking system to update fax-received information at the Field Office you fax to. Folks...others that are reading this... you CANNOT find out if the Field Office received your fax, nor will the 800# or even 2nd Tier at the 800# tell you anything about the faxed documents. Those documents are sent to the fax # at the Field Office processing your case, and they are routed to the Officer handling it. That Officer does not update any kind of live system where you can see whether or not they received your faxes. Sorry, but that's how it is at this point. Hope that finally clears this up. If you honestly feel the documents didn't get to where they were supposed to go the first time, resend them. But, don't keep resending them resulting in you p-ing off your processing Officer. If you've got the number right, and you included a cover page and case# clearly, presume (and hope) that there are logical folks working at the Field Office, and your fax reached the intended recipient.
  6. Presumably you read my entire response - which included the comment about SURRENDERING the photos. Nothing...and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in any kind of digital format will even be entertained or accepted. Forget about saving trees; now isn't the time.
  7. If it is to be anything like ours, you MUST bring ALL of the following - and MORE! ASSUME everything below is of ORIGINAL, LONG FORM, COMPLETE and OFFICIAL documents: 1) ID documents for both of you. Birth certificates, passports, driver's licenses, marriage certificates, divorce decrees/judgments, citations/fines/tickets issued by law enforcement (parking, traffic violations, etc) and the pleads for all, all correspondence from USCIS with regards to your application (from day 1!). 2) Medical assessment in it's original and sealed envelope. 3) Bills/statements - (copies are OK, so long as you are prepared to give a copy to the Officer): Lease/Mortgage, car payments, insurance (health, property, auto, life), electric, water, internet, cellphone - ALL showing BOTH of your names on EVERYTHING. 5) Bank account(s) statements with BOTH names on the account - covering at LEAST the last YEAR (all of 2019). Ensure the joint account has PLENTY of deposits, paycheck deposits, transactions, and a solid, consistent balance. Prepare to surrender these, so have copies. 4) Retirement fund accounts and balances, and showing that your spouse (the SPONSORED party) is your beneficiary, should you die. 5) Pictures - LOTS of pictures - from as far back as you can, to as immediate as you can. These pictures WILL BE SURRENDERED to the Officer. Showing: Dates, attending events together, fun pictures, serious pictures, somewhat "romantic" pictures (NOT lewd, DUH!), pictures with each OTHER'S family in them, vacation pictures, anniversary pictures, wedding pictures (to include attendees). So...we were very light on a lot of these things, and the Officer definitely didn't give us any clues during our interview of our success or failure likelihood. Only, to ensure we were WELL-AWARE of the short-comings in many of the financial documents. But, in this day-and-age, remarried couples who may have been married more than once before, don't just do it like your first marriage may have been done. So... However, we were notified THAT evening of successfully passing the interview, and the rest is history. Go in with MUCH, MUCH more than that officer needs...and you should be fine. Go in with anything short, and you may be in for a fight! Best wishes!
  8. Congrats! Yep...that might be the tell-tale sign: unapproachable, pleasant but never smiles; asks a million questions. And alas, approval! Congrats again. Been nice joining you on this arduous journey!
  9. Sounds like you're going to do the right thing here. Book'it, Dano! And good luck!!
  10. Dammit... This is going to suck (I just went through this whole interview thing...don't mess with it!). Postpone your start date to December 5th. Sorry...it's the best thing to do. Keep your appointment in Houston...it took forever to get it...you can't mess with it! I'm quite certain your new job will understand. You'll fly back in to Houston on Dec 3 (do NOT fly in same-day...never know what might happen!!), stay overnight somewhere until your interview the next day. Others on here...what are you thoughts?
  11. Ok...so...are you STAYING in HOUSTON, or are you moving OUT of the HOUSTON area?
  12. Moving to where? It's seems too late to have the interview changed. You can file an address change, but I wouldn't as Dec 4 is very close to after Thanksgiving. Stick with where you're at, in my opinion. But you MUST let USCIS know when you've moved, and to where.
  13. And that’s when my next call is to an Immigration Attorney. Do your due-diligence, and find a good one. Just to brief them about what’s going on. It’s going to cost you, but you’ve got to do this the best way you can.
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