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  1. Hi there: Truth be told, I have an active G28 for all my applications, and even though I did ALL the work for the Expedite request (in which even my OWN attorney claimed was a very rare success rate), the angle of using an attorney at this point might be to ensure accountability. I also don’t suspect the Congresswoman involved in my case did not have an effect as to the speed and success do my Expedite request.
  2. Do NOT apologize for venting at all! It’s healthy to be able to get out the frustrations! Keel us posted. Above all, have faith!!!
  3. This is when, I think, it might be time to gain the assistance of an Attorney (and ONLY at this point - because really, truthfully, we all could be doing the ENTIRE process WITHOUT an Attorney and save a poop-ton of money...I digress...) to move these along. TBH, I still believe that the "involvement" of my congresswomen in my Expedite request resulted in a negligible, if ANY enhancement to my self-initiated Expedite request. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I believe that you probably have been failed to be notified that they didn't approve your Expedite request (for whatever reason), and you are back in the routine processing segment. Having said that, other than the Attorney route, can you not initiate a NEW expedite request, and reconstruct a ROCK-SOLID supporting-evidence package, perhaps garnering the attention of a different Expedite officer? Another reason why I haven't come back to the board and just gloated about the stage I'm at now, because so many of US continue to suffer extreme frustration and despair over this process.....
  4. Congrats! It is a feeling of incredible RELIEF, but I still feel a profound sense of despair for all of us who continue to be overwhelmed by the extreme sense of frustration, anxiety, stress and fear. I continue to pray for all of us!
  5. Friday - the 14th - for me, as well. I'm (personally) very, VERY relieved...but I guess it's in my personality - I am EXTREMELY saddened for all of those who have been desperately waiting since...who knows...even LAST YEAR to receive the same. The fact that anyone in months ahead of us have already received theirs, make it no easier to accept. Still praying and holding out hope that we ALL get ours as soon as possible!
  6. Finally, you all will see what it’s like to drink REAL beer!! Molson’s, eh?!
  7. About the only thing we can all have at this point, is self-humoring to deal with all of this. I swear I'm going to buy us all beers when this is over!
  8. OMG...waaaaaaaaaay too funny....(Emp's response....NOT the original question)....
  9. Never a day goes by where we aren't hoping and praying for you!! At least you were able to discover something amiss (with your email account); and hopefully your calling in today will trigger some kind of "hey, we need to process this guy's application!". Best wishes!!!
  10. I have been seeing/saying this all along. There was just no way that so many people were claiming (and then proclaiming "go ahead, call me a liar, but I didn't this...that...and the other...") that they were getting their status updates and permits and approvals and all that, just like that. Have you considered an Expedite? Do you think you might qualify?
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