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  1. NVC will review your case after issuing you your case number to ensure all required documents have been received from USCIS. Once reviewed, which typically takes two weeks, they will send it out to the Embassy. You can track the progress via CEAC website.
  2. My Fiancé got her visa via Pony Express today and I’ve booked a ticket for her arrival the 17th of July. Can someone tell me how long the customs process takes once arriving in JFK? Looking at the flights she will only have a two hour layover until her connecting flight to Florida.
  3. Joe, You’ll be fine as I am in the same boat. I’ve just arrived in Russia June 8th and will stay until July 15th.
  4. Have you received the email packet 3 from the embassy yet and have you been able to schedule your interview?
  5. Kristina - how long has it been since your file reached the embassy?
  6. Elena, Our case has already arrived to the embassy and is going through ‘Administrative Processing’. I know there was a holiday all last week in Russia so the embassy was closed. I am not sure where you go to pay for the visa fee and the ceac.com website says we have to file the DS-160 which has already been done. Should we be going onto the traveldocs.gov site to pay for the visa fee? In your last message you said in some cases the embassy doesn’t send out a confirmation email with instruction to schedule the interview. Did I read that correctly?
  7. Elena - Thanks for your reply. We've already completed the DS-160 but it seems my fiancé called the embassy and they instructed her not to do anything until she receives a confirmation email with instructions on scheduling her interview as well as paying for the visa fee.
  8. My fiancé's case has reached the Moscow embassy a week ago and status on ceac.com website reads “ready”, but we haven’t received the packet 3 email to schedule her interview as of yet. Does anyone know the current processing time at the embassy to send out packet 3 email and what are the current time frames to get an interview scheduled??
  9. I’ve been to Russia multiple times on a one way flight without being sure when I would return. Generally, customs don’t really ask any questions especially on a 3 year multi-entry visa.
  10. What is the current wait time for scheduling a consulate interview for a K1 visa in Moscow?
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