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  1. I live in Japan. Oh but this usps notice was for my husband’s place in the states
  2. Hi!!!! I’m so happy now! I know it’s little bit early to say but I have to say that I might get NOA2!! No email, no new-website and old-website updates. I only got a notice from USPS that the letter from USCIS will come. I don’t know if it is NOA2.. it could be an REF but still, I’m soooo happy... will see. NOA1 date was April 9th for old website and April 12th for new one. it’s a bit longer than normal processing time on USCIS.. so we submitted e-request on Jan 19th(A day after passing normal processing time) and called 24th if visa was approved but what they said was you have to wait...But! as you can see the pic I attached, it was sent on Jan 23... What the.. lol anyways It was quite fast after e-request. I’ll update again if it’s an REF 😂