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  1. Recently NVC started processing my case. I have some question about it? 1) Is it true we don"t need to mail any document to NVC? everything is uploaded to website including signed I-864 form? 2) What are the civil documents required for DS-260 for (spouse only)? 3) can we upload some documents in 1-2 weeks after we submit Ds-260? 4) USCIS has updated form I-864 recently. previous one expires from 15th October. so can i still fill new one if i submit before 15 October?
  2. Hi! Congratulations on your approval! May I ask if you expedited or did anything in particular to be approved faster than normal? Thank you!

  3. Is there anybody whose August or September NOA1 is approved at NSC?? looks like Potomac is approving in less than 120 days for last 6 months and Texas is also approving in 6-7 months. why is only Nebraska is doing soo... Its totally unfair for people with same cases filed? Is there any way to expedite besides those 4 reasons stated in USCIS website?
  4. I have my i-130 sent to NSC. As we see visa journey timeline, Potomac service center is processing December, 2018 cases while Texas is on August cases. I don't understand why there is soo much Time difference between the service center for same cases? They could have distributed work load in proper manner so that all the service center process at the same time. Its totally unfair for lot of people.
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