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  1. How did you request if its ok if i ask and what did you do did you send your form i 130 in there?

    1. CEBTL


      I wrote an email to the consulate explaining my situation.  I said that because I have to move back to the US for a job, I believe I have met the requirement for DCF under 

      "Short notice of position relocation – A U.S. citizen petitioner, living and working abroad, has received a job offer in or reassignment to the United States with little notice for the required start date."


      They later sent another email asking  three questions. 

      • Please explain the reason you would like to file directly with the Consulate and are unable to file directly with USCIS in the United States.
      • Have you already filed an I-130 for your beneficiary directly with USCIS?
      • Please confirm that both you and the beneficiary are currently present in China, and will be able to remain in China for the duration of the immigrant visa petition filing and immigrant visa application process.


      After I answered these three questions, they sent me a date for an interview and to submit I-130.


      On the date I as the petitioner went to the interview, and hand delivered I-130. I was also asked basic questions, of how I met my wife, how long have we been together, what job and company was I going to work for, lastly when will I return to America. 


      Hope this helps.   


  2. Hello good day thanks for the message but do i still need to pay for the aos is that stands for affidavit of support or adjustment of status?because i wont be adjusting my status coz we are married for a while now thanks for the help 

  3. Hello good day everyone we will be filling i130 ir1 just want to ask what are the fees all in all that we need to pay?im not adjusting status because were married for a while now what are the fees that we need to pay and how much in total all in all?thank you so much in advance for those who can help me and my husband answer our questions
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