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  1. Ours is DQ 5/22 - Tokyo. Hope to get the embassy’s email soon too !
  2. Hi all, we got dq just now first submission : Apr 24 second : May 21 yesterday dq : within 24 hours Things moved faster than expected.
  3. Hello, we got an email from NVC today on May 21 and they say they want my police certificate from a country I stayed for 5 months. we called NVC and made sure - Under 6 months : no need. Agent told us to put a memo like “as agreed with an agent over the phone, we won’t need the certificate as the stay was under 6 months”. Our review was very fast. We submitted our last doc on April 24. So it was within a month to check ours. Anyway we have to wait again.
  4. I’ve got their welcome email with the case number and login info about a month after the approval.
  5. Hello we got approved on Feb 21 and on Mar 3 our case was shipped to NVC. On Mar 26 we received an email from NVC with NVC casa number and web login info to move forward
  6. We got denied our i129f last week. We filed it in Nov. However, our i130 got approved 90 min before i129f denial. We waited over one year for our i130 at Nebraska... so in the end our i129f didn’t help!
  7. Update:i129f(K3) got denied 90 min after i130 approval.
  8. Our i130 got approved today! Feb 13 2019 Nebraska Center we did not get transferred. our 129f (K3) still remains “case received”. I guess they have stopped processing K3 and ignoring these cases.
  9. Hi all, first time to post here my husband (US citizen) submitted i130 last Feb and our case ( Nebraska ) did NOT get transferred, while many Feb cases before or after us were transferred. We did submit i129f (K3) a couple of months ago. It could be why ours remains at Nebraska? Who knows...
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