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  1. 8 days since the “Initial request for evidence” was issued and still havent recieved it in the mail yet. UGH
  2. @Bixby hi!!! When was yours issued? I was praying it was in yesterdays mail and it wasnt now I have to wait until Tuesday (monday no mail-holiday). Ugh
  3. If i were you i would file an online request ASAP
  4. Yes i would I plan on filing for my husbands citizenship as soon as (hopefully) the ROC is approved and a 10yr card is issued I didnt file them together because he still needs to practice more for the citizenship interview
  5. Yes its possible the system is “stuck”. That happened to us before when they sent his conditional gc. Congrats!!!
  6. Well as soon as i get the request by mail i will let everyone know what “Initial” evidence they are asking for
  7. I did sent a copy of my husbands greencard. Understand and i say this from past experience with USCIS they “loose” things to buy them time. On our I-130 they sent me a RFE for additional evidence they said the passport size photo was not included. But i am 110% it was because i put it in a ziplock bag stapled to the application. When the send these RFE’s out it basically stops the clock for them Coincidentally this was issued on the 60th day exactly. I would have been able to file and inquiry for “case is out of normal processing time”
  8. Yeah, I have read on some other sites they are basically the same, but they are not the same. initial is exactly that something that was not included or signed. Possibly they misplaced something. Additional Evidence is exactly that they are requesting more evidence to back up what you have already provided my guess is my evidence was sufficient enought to prove that our marriage is indeed real, but i forgot something simple.
  9. Everything the had listed(the document checklist). I will know more when i recieve USCIS’s letter if what i missed
  10. Yeah and its a RFE for INITIAL (not additional) evidence.
  11. Completely normal because of case overloads ( ours was filed in Vermont transferred to Texas and at one point said was in a local office which the immigration office told me that was not true it was basically like a glitch in the computer system that nobody’s was transferred to a local office ) and we just received a RFE for initial evidence but I have not got the letter yet still waiting to recieve it in the mail
  12. Yes I am 100% sure I have a copy of the front I know that at some point I had made a copy front and back because I know that I submitted it the first time I submitted the original application they’re notorious for losing stuff and not admitting to just to buy time coincidentally the day they issued the RFE was the 60th day and I would’ve been able to submit an inquiry if they had not have touched my case but there’s a chance that I might have a copy of the front and back of the green card at work later today.
  13. I hope they dont give us a hard time. Im just so worried. But its killing me not having their letter yet to know exactly what they want