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  1. It was said in the letter of approval notice from USCIS that we will receive the letter from NVC with our case number in it that I will need in order to file for DS160 form in the US consulate in my country within 2-4 weeks from approval date. It's not two weeks yet. So we are still waiting. They have instructions in the approval letter of what to do next if letter wasn't receive after 30 days. You can re-read the letter.
  2. All is well! Our case has been approved finally! We are just waiting for NVC to send us our letter of invitation so I can file for the Visa in my country's US consulate. Thank you everyone for your insights and encouragement!
  3. Oh If USCIS will look into the case, I hope they will see that groping someone, which was what my fiance had plead to 20 years ago, is in no possible way gonna harm me. Is that somebody you know had the same case as my fiance's? Did that person get declined because he couldn't provide additional proof that he is cleared from the charges? I'm becoming paranoid everyday thinking about this. Being far from from the man you love most is not easy and this is our only hope.
  4. We filed 15th of August last year. Me and my fiance aren't aware of this policy change. Do you know a case like ours where the first RFE wasn't related to my fiance's case and received another RFE later that correlates with the case? If my fiance's case is an issue, I don't understand why no further evidence was asked when USCIS sent us this letter. I also would like to add that my fiance wasn't registered and it was his first time in the Philippines and never had an issue with the Embassy. Do you think because the weight of his case (of groping someone) wasn't as grave as someone committing rape or sexual abuse? It worries me so much that this might be an issue later on.
  5. Yes, thank you. I'm well-prepared with whatever they ask me.
  6. Yes, with all honesty, my fiance mentioned it in the form. He only got the receipts that he did perform some community service and seek professional help. He called the clinic where he did his professional counseling and the court where his case was handled he was told the records are deleted that he is clean and all. I argued with him about this that records cannot just be deleted but everything was deleted.
  7. Hi, My fiance received an RFE letter in the mail after 5 months. Before the letter was delivered we were speculating that the RFE might be about the case of my fiance that happened 20 years ago where he plead guilty to a case of groping a minor. Luckily, it was that (the USCIS had asked for me to submit my letter of intent to marry my fiance), my fiance gladly complied and mailed the letter the next day. My question is, does the USCIS normally sent all RFEs at once and if they are satisfied with the letter of intent to marry that we mailed thats it? That we only need to wait for their confirmation? Or will there be another RFE that might be mailed later on which might be related to my fiance case history 20 years ago? It wasn't a rape or physical abuse but groping and all his records were deleted. Please enlighten me as everyday that we are waiting for the update from the USCIS is putting a lot of stress on me and my fiance. Thank you.