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  1. All they did was sent a letter to my fiancee saying that he can schedule his interview and to bring the confirmation page, the payment recipe, I134 and required docs for that. I just want to make sure that we have everything cause some of the info on the embassy website is out dated.
  2. Hello, what all documents did they ask for in Barbados? I have been trying to find updated info but it's very hard. What was the medical and interview like?
  3. Ok I didn't know about the Caribbean form but most of that info is out dated. It's really hard to find updated info. But thanks everyone. I hope we have everything we need.
  4. I thought I asked this question under the k -1 visa forum but it's a k1 visa and Barbados embassy
  5. Does someone have a list of all docs needed for the interview? I just want to triple check to make sure we have everything.
  6. I am in the k1 visa process. I'm just following what's on the website on in order to sign into the ceac I need an invoice ID Number and I don't know where to find that
  7. Hello guys. So on the NVC website it says my case is ready, but I haven't received an email. How long does it take to receive the invoice number so I can fill out the DS-261 form?
  8. Hello everyone. We got our case number today. What's the next step? Can I choose an agent and do other things now?
  9. Hello, I received my NOA2 on the 22nd. What will be the next step and what information does the NVC require and how long does it take? Im so excited and ready to get this over
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