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  1. Thanks @missileman and @Alabamak1 for taking the time to respond. I won't dwell on it and stay positive. I will update you guys. She is gonna call her post office Tuesday. They are closed Monday for holidays. (sight)
  2. I am new here. I appreciate anyone of you taking the time to give me some guidance. My fiance is in Armenia and an interview with embassy is all set. It's end of the January. I sent all the documents she needs to take with her on January 14, 19 using Priority Mail Express International. It shows that the package was departed Tbilisi, Georgia on January 22nd. I am hopeful she will get the documents Tuesday. In case she doesn't get it, I told her to just go to the interview. What should I do? There was original letters in the express mail that she needed to take with her to the embassy. I am freaking out! Thanks.
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