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  1. Thanks for the help. Yes, it's the exact same title as the amended I-140 we filed after acquisition (Successor-In-Interest). This is different to the title in the PERM and original I-140, though same occupational title and duties. Have a letter explaining this. I guess what my question comes down to is, when it comes time for naturalization, is the e-mail from the President above sufficient proof that while I intended to work for the organization that sponsored me - circumstances changed enough that I had to leave. The e-mail does not explicitly state we will be downsizing or that my job personally is at risk. Also - I assume even if the company complains to USCIS that I left shortly after GC, that won't be an issue if I present the e-mail I mention.
  2. Hello All, My GC was approved in early January. I was on an L1, have been working with the company (combined with overseas) for 11 years or so. The second week I got back, we received an e-mail from the President that we had lost an account worth double our annual profit from the previous year. This was accompanied with a vague statement about looking into what this new reality means for the business and how to respond. He also encouraged employees to discuss their anxieties, ask questions and talk about it. Everyone naturally assumes, we will need to cut costs accordingly and we have been through 2 re-organizations in the past to get us to profitability (layoffs). So my question is - given the above - is it reasonable for me to switch employers without waiting the regularly advised 60 days? I've been approached by a recruiter for a position with the same title, that pays substantially more, but they want me to start asap (within 2 weeks). That puts me just over 30 days since I received my GC. My direct boss hasn't told me my job is at risk - the only thing I have is that e-mail above. I don't want to put my GC at risk or risk have it be revoked.