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  1. oh I see ! thanks for the info even though they haven't contacted anyone I know. and its been over a year now 😟. thanks for the info again !
  2. its still the same thing last updated on 23rd of Nov. good luck to you as well. please keep us updated ! Thank you
  3. yeah I tried that ( sending them an email) emails actually 😛 my lawyer contacted NVC but they said it was from the embassy not them. then we contacted the embassy still no reply. even the state senate contacted the embassy also no response.
  4. around Aug last year was my interview, and the documents they requested were just police records to check if Had a clean ones when I lived in EU,along with another form to fill out that I have recieved by email from the embassy.
  5. Hello everyone I have a question So my IR-1/CR-1 case status have been in A.P for a year+. this week three case updates happened. 2 of them only a regurarl update but still under A.P the third which happened yesterday on Nov 18th 2019 was: Expiring soon. All documents requested have been submitted directly after my interview ( a year ago) my-self- the lawyer and the congress person have been contacting the Us embassy in Lebanon regarding this matter. and always same reply :" Case is under A.P please wait..." so we have been contacting the embassy regurally atleast once a month. but now I am kind of lost on what does this mean? and yes I have contacted my lawyer already but its 3 Am their time so I am hoping to hear news or what is going from you guys here while I'am waiting for my lawyer reply. Thank you in Advance !
  6. yeah, thats why I wanted to see aprox. how long did others have to wait before A.P was cleared. Hello Mazen, I'am Sad to hear that you have been placed in A.P hopefully it clears fast. stay strong,patience is the key during this stage.
  7. Hey All, if you can please share with me your wait time under A.P I have been in A.P for more than a year and couple of months. Thank you.
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