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  1. He doesn’t have his passport at the moment so I’m hoping he can use his ID. it’s hard to get a US ID in Maryland without his passport.
  2. Okay thanks! I really hope so because he doesn’t have his passport right now.
  3. Does anyone know if my husband can use his foreign drivers license as proof of ID for the biometrics?
  4. @wingman23 @Cornflake Your foreign passports, correct? Or the visas within your passport? Just want to make sure.
  5. Does anyone know if uscis allows a foreign drivers License as proof of identity for the biometrics appointment?
  6. 02/21/20-AOS/EAD/AP Package mailed to USCIS via FEDEX 02/24/20-Package delivered to Chicago Lockbox signed by J.Harper 03/11/2020- Received e-notifications from USCIS for all cases @12:21am 03/20/2020-Received biometrics appointment ☺️☺️🙏🏾
  7. We have the same timeline and have not received any notifications yet😔
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