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  1. I had my interview yesterday, and my status just changed to AP. oh man.
  2. okay thank you, i started freaking out because i was reading what it meant online and saying it could take like up to 5months to review or something crazy like that. i mean they gave me my welcome letter, so i dont see why there would be a huge issue. whewww..relief.
  3. hey everyone, i had my interview yesterday and everything went good. my status on the ceac is now 'Administrative Processing' is this normal?????
  4. awesome thanks!!! did you also pay the extra fee for next day delivery on your passport?
  5. okay perfect, we just didnt know if i need to bring a copy of my fiances passport (u.s petitioner).
  6. okay, i know they wont ask for everything that i am bringing, but rather be safe than sorry! and okay thank you thats what i thought lol!!
  7. hey everyone!!! my interview and is june 5th, super excited!!! i am gathering all my documents and making sure I have legit everything. Just one question, for the evidence of domicile for the petitioner, what are you guys bringing??? is bank statements okay??? HELP!!!
  8. lucky you!! i am about 3hrs from toronto, just hope i can get a spot before june 5 lol
  9. yes see u there!! now waiting to hear back for my medical exam.
  10. @Lori Johnson check the site, they opened some dates!!
  11. i just booked my interview!!! June 5, 7:30! and i paid the fee right when it was available dates!
  12. oh thats interesting, okay I will try and fix it to pay thru online then, just gotta figure out how..
  13. yeah mine is the same. ill just bring the cash the day of the interview.
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