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  1. Mine also happened quickly, and I now have my green-card, 5 months after filing. Good luck with it all!
  2. You can add her to your checking/credit/savings accounts and she can do the same for you, does your wife have a passport? If so, she should be able to use that as her ID.
  3. Just for anyone reading this, I had my interview today at Mount Laurel in New Jersey and wasn't even asked about the medical. My DS-3025 was marked as completed in April. Hope that helps someone!
  4. Thank you for sharing your experience, I'm certainly prepared to be persistent!
  5. Oh yes I'm very aware of the vacation limitations over here! But still, I'm going to remain hopeful until the last!
  6. Hello everyone, I'm hoping to start an open discussion around the types of careers/jobs that immigrants have pursued since moving to the United States. I'm especially interested in those with stories about moving in a new career direction since moving to the USA, and their experiences. For context, I am hopeful that I will be able to begin working at the start of 2020 (my green card interview is in 2 weeks). I moved to central New Jersey (from the United Kingdom) on a K1 visa back in July. I'm 29 years old with an undergraduate degree in Economic & Social History, and have experience in working across: media, marketing, business development (amongst other things). My wife is a teacher, so has the nice long summer holidays that come with it. Having come from the UK, where 20 days vacation is a legal minimum, I'm keen to find something that has the potential to offer at least something similar in terms of vacation time. So please do help a fellow immigrant out and share your career stories here, what you've enjoyed and what you have not. It would be great to hear from you. Thanks, James
  7. Hello everyone, Having filed for AOS on the 5th August, I have been scheduled for my green card interview for November 26th at Mount Laurel, NJ. This has rolled around a lot quicker than expected and is ahead of EAD/AP from what I can gather. Anyway, I'm hoping that you kind souls can help with a few questions that I have.. 1.) I don't need the completed medical examination I-693 do I? I have a completed medical report from my K1 which was carried out in April this year. 2.) What documentation falls under "All documentation establishing your eligibility for Lawful Permanent Resident status."? 3.) Evidence of relationship - Having only been here for 4 months we're a bit limited in what we have, but the plan is to bring - Photos, Medical Insurance, Car insurance, Joint bank accounts, Joint Credit Cards, Demonstrating we're on the same mobile phone family plan, (maybe even joint Spotify plan?!) and finally life insurance documents if we can sort them in time. Thoughts on what we have available? If there are any other useful tips that people may have do feel free to throw them at me too, I'm all ears. Thank you very much. James
  8. No luck in Freehold, but will try Bakers Basin in Lawrenceville before admitting defeat.
  9. Yeah I figured I'd just have to go and try my luck, but was just curious to see whether anyone had succeeded before. Fingers crossed!
  10. Hello, My I-94 expires on the 13th of October along with my DL, and so I will be looking to renew my New Jersey drivers license this week. I have my NOA1 from my I-485 application (adjusting from K1 visa entry). I was wondering whether anyone here had any luck doing something similar, in New Jersey? Also, am I correct in thinking I can't get an I-551 stamp at this moment in time? Apologies if the wrong forum, wasn't sure where to post. Thanks, James
  11. Hello all, I have recently moved to NJ from the UK, and have already sent off application for AOs, EAD etc. Back in the motherland I used to enjoy the odd bet (online) here and there on various sports. Now i know sports betting is legal here in NJ, but I was wondering if I’m allowed to do it, given that technically any sports betting income should be reported to the IRS? Any feedback/thoughts welcome! Thanks, James
  12. Hi all, I'm due to fly tomorrow after being granted my K1 visa back in May. For those starting the process I would thoroughly recommend banking with HSBC, as I've managed to set up my US account and have been granted a credit card based on my UK credit history which should make life a little easier when I arrive! For those that might know - How do you go about filling in the landing card? Does anyone declare values or is there no need? Thanks, James
  13. No you're fine with bringing in your phone! I took my phone, headphones and charger and paperwork in a rucksack. Just don't take your laptop!
  14. Congratulations on getting approved! As Wuozopo says, there is no set timeline for this bit. However, if it helps, this is what my timeline was: Interview last Friday AP Tuesday morning Issued Tuesday afternoon Hope it's not too long!
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