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  1. Had our interview last Monday (10th June), category - EB2 . It was only for 5~7 min, very simple, friendly and smooth. At the end, CO informed, visa issued. This morning (13th June), CEAC status updated to "Issued". Thank you all VJ members for kind help and support. Wishing good luck for you all.
  2. I had my Interview yesterday (10th June, EB2 category). They only took the PCC which is for Foreigners, and it was 4 months old. Although I had the latest one, but I didn't submit that one and they didn't ask for the latest PCC. They even didn't ask for PCC with check reply (which is for Koreans). This is my experience, now you may decide what to do.
  3. Thank you very much for prompt reply and help as always.
  4. Yes, I got that and sent a copy of both types to the NVC which were accepted. My attorney told me that NVC will accept the one which I got first, as foreigners are supposed to get only that one in Korea to submit somewhere.
  5. Hi, Can you please advice whether we are supposed to bring the latest police clearance certificate (PCC)? The PCC we submitted to NVC was dated in mid of Feb'2019, so during our interview, it will be less than 4 months old. Can we use that during the interview, or we need the latest one? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you for your reply. As we have paid it to the NVC, we will not required to pay at embassy. We have to do courier service registration and Bio-metric (fingerprint) at the embassy just before interview, right? Or courier service registration can be done online previously? Thanks...
  7. Thank you for the information and congratulations (hope you already have your visa in hand). Previously, you also provided very specific and important information to help us. Really appreciate that. So, we are supposed to pay IV fee to NVC and again 320$ to the embassy as interview fee! We are 3 (including my wife and son) who will attend the interview, so we have to pay $320*3 = $960 at the embassy before interview? Or just $320 for all of us? Thank you again.
  8. Hello, As far my knowledge goes, we don't have to pay any fees during the interview. Probably we have to pay fees for GC to USCIS through online after receiving the visa. Wishing good luck for next week's interview.
  9. Hello all, Today I have received P4 letter. CC: 8th March P4 letter: 8th May Interview date: 10th June Embassy: Seoul, Korea
  10. You can call NVC to know the status as you didn't get official mail of CC.
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