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  1. Hi Thanks for your reply. OPT ends on 2021 Feb. However, our question is mostly concerned towards - how will this change of visa for our son affect my husband's travel? Will there be any problems for him asking why he is having a delay of travel or something?
  2. Hi guys, Our family has a situation. I am currently on F1 OPT and working in US. My husband has a L1 but hasn't travelled to US yet. We had already processed a L2 for our kid. Now the situation is that, my husband will not be able to travel immediately. I am planning on bringing my kid to states as my dependent rather (in F2). 1. Will that cause any future problems for my husband when he travels to US? (asking why was there a delay in his travel/asking why we are opting for a change of visa?) 2. Will my kid's F2 get approved easily or will there be any questions? Any answers/insights will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. Got it! Thank you so much!
  4. No He doesn't have a tourist visa yet. He is 2 yrs old. I didn't want to get him on F2 because then I would have to travel back to get his visa stamped. Instead, for on a B2 - I thought he could stay with me for 4 months or so and leave. So are you suggesting me that it's bad? I thought a B2 also means visitor visa - where you can visit your family members for shorter duration?
  5. Yes. I understand that. But say I want my son to stay with me just for 4/5 months and then go back to India, isn't tourist visa a valid option?
  6. Hi, I am currently on F1 OPT and in US. My husband is in L1A individual and hasnt travelled to US yet. He got L2 dependent for our kid. Due to personal reasons he cannot travel for another year. My question is if I am bringing my kid in Tourist visa to US, will his L2 dependent visa get automatically rejected? If it is rejected, after a year when my husband travels to US, is it possible to get him converted into L2 again? Pls help. Really appreciate your answers.
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