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  1. Here is my opinion: It's not such a big deal that it wouldn't grant your fiance a visa (if there's nothing else to do with your case to raise any flags, i.e. income to support you both, previous marriages, or criminal record). You still have to try and give your best. Just think about your love, your relationship, your baby, your future life together, and showing that in the K1 visa application, the embassy interview, and adjustment of status. There is a question on the form for the K1 application that asks if you have applied for a K1 visa previously, but I think it's only on that form, I-129. I'm not positive it's the only place (a lot of questions repeat themselves). Of course you're honest. Given the quantity and repetitiveness of other questions, like criminal background and intent in the US (lots and lots of those over and over again), relative to the number of questions of you having filed for a previous K1, I don't think it's that big of a deal. Remember, there are individuals who find love online or through a marriage broker and it doesn't work out, they file again and presumably get approved. Just focus on what you have- which is a real relationship, lots of time together, lots of photos and experiences together. Lots of people don't have those things! You will be fine. It is a scary, stressful, and long process but it sounds to me like you have the courage to tackle it. You could also consider marrying in Cambodia and filing for a spousal visa?
  2. IMO, that's IF they ask you why you haven't seen each other more often. They will more than likely ask you how often you have seen each other since meeting and/or how much time you have spent together in total (that's what we were asked). In either case, you give your answer and explain. Print out all text messages, emails, and call logs, in addition to all of your photos together since K1/I-129 filing and the ones you used for the I-129. Best of luck to you.
  3. What I meant was, since my husband will also be applying for the EAD at the same time as we file the I-485/I-864, they will see that he would also be contributing to our finances once he has permission to work, before he has his GC, roughly three months from filing time. Hope that is clearer. I am probably over thinking it but the idea of making any modifications or changes or adding any new information makes me so nervous. This was a long and stressful process for us and the thought that it's not yet over is crazy considering what we have been through. Regardless, your advice seems to be spot on. Thanks again.
  4. I appreciate your reply. We def want pops off the hook. So they could just come back and say, "hey, you need a joint sponsor" not just deny the whole thing? I wonder if applying for the EAD (work permission) plays a role in their consideration...
  5. When my husband and I initially filed for his K-1 visa, I had a different work situation and was barely above the income threshold, so we used my dad as a joint sponsor, just in case. Now my income is more than sufficient to sponsor my husband, and I can provide evidence in pay stubbs (but not via taxes, yet). Any advice on filing with or without my previous joint sponsor for the adjustment of status, form I-864? Will the adjustment of status be denied if we do not list the same joint sponsor (when we no longer need one)? Thanks in advance
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