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  1. As far as I know, the routine immigrant visa services are still under suspension @ the US Embassy in BA. We just have to keep our fingers crossed that the situation will change soon.
  2. It did! I don't know if it's the letter from the Embassy that did the trick, or the NVC decided not to complicate things, but we got our DQ (Documentary Qualified). Now, waiting for an interview date.
  3. Hi, guys! I got my DQ today. Resubmitted the same documents together with the letter from the U.S. Embassy confirming their validity.
  4. Both, my husband's birth certificate and our marriage certificate, were certified digital copies with the interior ministry stamp - same we have submitted with the I-130 (which was approved without RFE). I called NVC, and the person on the phone said the documents didn't explicitly say "Acta de Nacimiento" and "Acta de Matrimonio", and because of that they got rejected. He also said, the Embassy will reject these documents during the interview, so I have to get the "correct" documents. I ended up e-mailing the US Embassy in Buenos Aires asking them what to do. I attached the same documents we have submitted to the NVC. The Embassy responded saying the documents were correct and encouraged me to forward their response to the NVC. Which I did. It's been 2 weeks since I have resubmitted the same documents and still waiting for response. I have also asked another Argentine friend who had his CR-1 approved at the end of 2019, and he and his wife had submitted a certified digital copy of his birth certificate. All approved without RFE. I think, ultimately it's about who ends up reviewing your case.
  5. Yes, sir! We submitted scans of certified copies. Will have to call NVC and see how we can resolve this.
  6. Thanks for replying! I've done exactly what is described in document requirements (read through the website back and forth before submitting), and they still rejected it. I've submitted the same marriage certificate for our I-130 stage (there were no issues). Birth and marriage certificates have the same format in Argentina, so submitted the same thing for the beneficiary's birth certificate. That's why I don't really know how to best resolve this situation.
  7. Hi, all! I'm in a bit of a conundrum here. I received a response from NVC regarding the uploaded civil documents - birth certificate and marriage certificate were rejected. The message read: "Please replace this with an acceptable birth certificate from a correct issuing authority." That's exactly what I did, but the documents got rejected. In Argentina, birth and marriage records are simple photocopies from the Civil Registry's books - they can also be certified if needed. The copies I had submitted were also legalized with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. I'm not sure what's the best way to handle the NVC request for the replacement documents. Any Argentines here who could shed some light? Or anyone at all may have an idea of how to best handle the situation? Thanks much in advance
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