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  1. My husband was approved for his EAD/AP on April 9. However, despite checking the box on his paperwork to receive a SSN, he has not. Since it’s been almost 2 weeks and his new employment is needing the SSN, I called the SS office today. They looked him up in the system and said that the USCIS did not transfer the information to them (which apparently isn’t all that uncommon). The man said that we would have to wait for the SS office to reopen in order to get a SS card, and there is no other way of doing it online or mail. Has anyone tried reaching out to USCIS to have them resend this info to the SS office? Not sure if they can do this, but it seems to be the only slight possibility we have of rectifying the situation in the near future..?? Or any other suggestions? Thanks.
  2. We got the letter for our biometric appointment today. AOS received 10/7, NOA 10/23, Biometric letter received 11/8, Biometric appointment 11/18.
  3. We had our credit card charged this afternoon!! 😆 (Our K1 AOS was received at Chicago Lockbox 10/7, so 15 days)
  4. I checked out how things went for the people in the Sept AOS group and it was also really varied when people heard back, taking some people 2-3 weeks. I’m sure that we all will hear back in time. Best thing we can do is stay positive and have faith, it’s a stressful process for sure.
  5. 😂 Ya K1 AOS. We sent with FedEx and will be charged by credit card, don’t know if that makes a difference with the timing.
  6. Ours was received on 10/7 and have not had any response either. Soooo nervous!
  7. Ours arrived there on Oct 7, but still haven’t had a charge or heard anything. Only a matter of days I’m sure. The waiting is the worst!!
  8. Hi! We filed and had a FedEx teaching receipt confirmation of 10/7 at the Chicago Lockbox. We haven’t heard anything either and haven’t had a charge on our credit card. Hopefully those of us who submitted around this time hear something soon.
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