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  1. LibertyBelle

    Will we get an RFE?

    Met my fiancee on a website called wasp.love. Will we get an RFE?
  2. I'm looking to get an Australian citizenship by decent because I think it is a nice option to have and doesn't cost much. But will the USCIS somehow know and think that I'm looking for citizenship with the US because I am 'citizenship hungry'? Lol. I got Irish citizenship by decent this year too.
  3. When I visited the US for the first and only time, I stayed for 84 days on the visa waiver which allowed for me to stay for 90 days. When I tried to get back into the US they refused me entry and of course my visa waiver became invalid (September 2018). They told me to apply for a visa instead. Whenever the border agent asked me if my (now fiancee) was my boyfriend I said no. Whether or not he really was or not, I stuck to my story of him not being my boyfriend, as did he when they questioned him. I think that they thought that the second time I tried to go to the US, I had intentions of staying, which of course was a huge red flag for them. I had minimal connections to the UK (no job etc.) and I suppose they thought: if this man isn't your boyfriend, why are you staying in hotels with him and travelling around together? Another issue is: On my 1st attempt to visit (which was successful) I told them a lie about how me and my 'friend' (now fiancee) had met, I actually begged them to give me a chance to tell the truth and they asked me again and I told them the whole truth. This time they let me into the US. On my 2nd attempt, they told me that I had 'lied' and they 'don't forget when I lie to them', but the border agent never told me what it was I lied about. On my first and only trip to the US I told the border agent that I would probably be catching an earlier flight than the one that I had booked back to the UK because I had my graduation I might like to attend. During my stay in the US I changed my mind and didn't go to my graduation. With all this having happened, will this be a problem at the Consulate interview or even the earlier USCIS stage? Will I be asked questions about any of it and whether I told lies?
  4. Me and my fiancé met on a website called wasp.love. It is for Christian Conservative singles with traditional values. That is the reason why I went on there. Will the USCIS or the Consulate see this as racist and deny the K1 visa?