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  1. Thanks for your help. this is my second but I've heard if you've been accepted in the last 2 years a waiver is required. my main concern is whether we'll get denied of course. I do have a good reason why i abandoned my first one but it's complicated. I heard that even if it is for the same person requesting a waiver and including an explanation is favorable.
  2. Hi all, wanted to know if anyone here was able to share there experiences about requesting a waiver when filing for a I-129f for the second time. we are both considering it ourselves (doing the K1 for the second time). it would be the same petitioner filing for me though, because we still wish to marry. I do have some worries though. i abandoned my K-1 visa before the 90 days were up (went to America, but we didn't marry), and even though i do have a legitimate reason (which I don't want to share on here... it's quite personal) i'm concerned that our waiver/explanation/I-129f will not be accepted. it has nothing to do with a death or any health reasons so we don't know what our chances are at succeeding with this and being accepted. i am willing to explain why i left though as i'm sure they'll ask. does anyone here have any experiences, good or bad? about filing for a 2nd K-1, in less then 2 years? but with the same person? we both have clean records too. Will a lawyer be needed? Thanx!
  3. does anyone have any info about the waiver and how to request one? judging by my researching it seems like i have to have one if it's been less than two years since I last filed.
  4. yes, I've been reviewing some old posts, and i'm a bit stressed out so maybe i'm just misinterpreting everything but if i've filed for a k-1 for the second time I am worried I'll be under suspicion, so would I need a waiver or to submit some sort of written explanation?
  5. thank you! So, if we were able to file soon (if we do i really hope things work out) my partner could come and visit me in Australia? even on a K1? And okay, it's all making sense. and I'll read more into that waiver info today there's probably lots of forum posts on it and info online
  6. this is very clear, thank you so much. I always find that I have to revisit alot with this sort of thing, and that's what i've been up to for the last week or so. i can't second-guess what my partner wants right now but i think I may prefer living in the USA over Australia. When you say a US visa, you mean either a K1 or a i-130, right? and we can visit eachother during the process? I've also been looking into requesting a waiver if we decide to submit another I-129f. is this a must, or is this a good thing to do, even if you intend on marrying the same person? will it be something I have to include if we want to file before 2 years (as the first google result I sound suggests)? I'm reading about IMBRA right now.
  7. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the help. sorry if I was repeating myself or being too vague, I was feeling frantic but it's nice to know that I have some options!
  8. thank you very much sorry, i've done a lot more research since yesterday, my mistake.
  9. I'm very sorry. It's been a very long process and I have felt very overwhelmed. There's a lot of information I have to revisit, thanks for the advice.
  10. This is news to me! I'll keep this option in mind, the 14 months sounds like a long time (is it strictly 14 months? I also read 8-10) but the perk of being able to work once you arrive is great.
  11. Thank you so much! Yes, distance is very hard. Is your husband from brazil or are you? I can't help but look into the I-130 and the CR1 visa and while it's obviously quite different to the K-1, the process to me seems similar in some ways, and if I recall my process actually took less time than 14 months (but the K-1 would've cost more I think).
  12. this is great, thanks for the info! very clear. It seems that I have to return to Australia in order to sort things out with the CR-1- over a year sounds like a long time to be apart after marriage but I do understand why that is and I wouldn't expect my partner to be able to travel to Aus while that's all being processed. Thank you so much!
  13. Okay, thanks for letting me know. I'll consider that. right now I think what I have in mind is perhaps her visiting or staying in Australia for a little while, and then both of us living in the US.
  14. I've done that before, but I think I'll want to live in the US for sure at some point.
  15. Thank you so much! These things are tough, I like your positivity. Best wishes to you too.
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