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  1. Imo34

    Are interview appointment only on "thursdays"?

    As of today 3/22/19 around 5pm...
  2. Imo34

    Are interview appointment only on "thursdays"?

    My target is May after the elections
  3. Imo34

    Are interview appointment only on "thursdays"?

    And someone wants to know the earliest open interview sched, anyone keeping tabs?😊
  4. Try asking at the PH regional forum ☺️. They may have answers. I'm curious too although my CEAC status is ready and paid the interview fee, our plan for the interview date is not until May. Two more months of waiting 😥....
  5. Imo34

    PAL Itinerary Receipt

    1 cabin bag/backpack + 1 ladies' bag + 1 laptop bag works for me with PAL
  6. Imo34

    PAL Itinerary Receipt

    👍 That's how I do it. Check in online as well. Just show security your online boarding pass and your identification card at the check in counter. No need to print anything
  7. Imo34

    PAL Itinerary Receipt

    Do you mean the PAL Official Receipt? I get mine usually 3 days after I book my flights.
  8. Imo34

    Moving forward with process after NOA2

    quick question... can you take the cfo in manila but get your sticker with vih in cebu?
  9. Do we get sort of blocked by NVC for being annoying, calling them everyday for that case number? 😜
  10. Imo34

    Interview experience/questions asked

  11. Based on my experience, it's close and quick too which was not what I expected. First site estimate of NoA2 was 3rd week of Feb but when we received notif on Feb 1, site estimate showed 2nd week of Feb. Early NoA2 really surprised us because hubby-to-be did have some misdemeanor charges so thought we would get past this 2 or more months than everyone else or receive an RFE list as long as his arm. But as everyone here says, declare declare declare... even sent my BS and MS university transcripts lol. So goodluck, hoping you get yours soon 🙏.
  12. Hey follow K1ers. Apparently we were approved Jan 31 but I'm following this Feb thread. Anyway, I'm wondering about this Priority date thing. Is it supposedly blank? And the validity approval notice meant for the interview at USEM, right? Thanks
  13. Hubby-to-be received an email today and we are approved! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♂️ Hoping you guys get yours soon ❣️ NoA1 Sept 12 2018 NoA2 Feb 1 2019