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  1. OMG same here. I once saw a Filipina-looking lady at the supermarket and I was like stalking almost but I'm too shy to say hi and I didn't want to assume she is Filipina as she could be Thai. But my husband looked straight down to her feet and then to mine then said, yep she is Filipina.. the lady was wearing slip-ons and I was wearing slippers on a chilly autumn night while everyone is wearing shoes of course...lol
  2. Thank you. I'm around Taylor, Southgate and Riverview areas and yes Filipinas is the first Filipino store we went to and even had some turon but it's quite a bit of a drive north. I saw one store in Garden City which is closer, so I'll check it out soon.
  3. Thank you. I did find some Asian stuff at Meijer and they do help but my husband prefers the taste of the Filipino brands which I don't mind at all lol.
  4. It’s been 3 months since I finally was able to be with my fiancé (now my husband). The journey to process our papers was not as smooth as we would have hoped but we’re finally together and thanks in part to the information I gleaned from online resources such as visajourney. Once I got here in the US, most of the time I was “obsessing” how to get our AOS application right. And now that we finally got it mailed, I have all the time to do nothing. I mean I have great in-laws and my husband let me do stuff I enjoy to occupy my time but there are moments you want to see and hear familiar sights and sounds. There’s not a lot of Filipinos around my area and it would be interesting if there are new transfers around Wayne County. It’s nice to share experiences and establish genuine friendship with fellow Filipinos here. Also, maybe, ideas where to get some Filipino food other than driving all the way to Detroit All the best to us!
  5. After being initially "denied" at the interview and given a 221(g) form, we were finally issued a visa 4 days after they received the necessary documents. This is very unexpected as the usual turnaround time based on the responses I saw here in VJ is about a month and I really thought our documents were not enough (I guess I overthink too much). Anyway, the quick response was really a blessing as a few days more would have complicated my work situation here in the Philippines. As the header suggests I work in a government institution and is up for renewal but the the visa issuance will have me "breach my employment contract". Luckily the visa arrived just before my new contract was to be signed. Now my next concern is the requirements of the Philippine immigration for former government employees. Does anyone know if I will be required to present an approved clearance form from my previous employer? I know that as a government worker, we need to present an "authority to travel" or some sort of employer consent letter to do work-related or even personal trips abroad. But as an ex employee, do we have to present anything or at least asked about it by the Philippine immigration officials? I'm asking this because I may not be able to complete it before my flight to the US. Although I could work my answers around it but I'm just really anxious and want to cover everything.
  6. Imo34


    They will ask you specifically if you have been pregnant...
  7. Yeah part of the reason I went there at 1pm was to test how far I'll go if I don't join the too "early birds" group. And hope this will help others plan their time well at SLEC.
  8. No. I was told to wait for their call once its available. My interview is still in a month's time so I'm hoping I get by then.
  9. I did my first day yesterday at 1pm and was done by 5.30pm because I don't want to wake up early in the freaking morning to join a lot of people just waiting... waiting.. and ... waiting for when the clinic opens. Came back today at 2pm (time appointed by SLEC) to get vaccination and I'm out by 4pm. Medical papers for interview on hand.. Goodluck!
  10. So you did an NBI renewal with change of bio data? I don't have a concrete answer but I'm in the "HIT" club too and I just did a quick renewal online. Got my certificate in a week (paid on the 23rd, printed on the 25th, received on the 28/29th of March) without having to go to any NBI office. Your case, I assume, takes longer because of the changes in your biographic data. Unfortunately, I haven't heard of any services from NBI offering to expedite such process other than what I mentioned ☝️ Goodluck!
  11. having the medical 1 month before the interview is fine too, right?
  12. And someone wants to know the earliest open interview sched, anyone keeping tabs?😊
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