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  1. Hi guys. I got my green card in the mail this morning and I have a concern with the name on it. I am totally confused on what to do now because I changed my name when I get here in the US and I've been using the new name ever since. I got the new name on every identification card that I have. To make it more understandable, here is how and when I changed my name. FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES, I WILL NOT USE MY OWN NAME AND JUST MAKE UP A NEW ONE. Any name similarities is not intended. > Before I got to the US and got married, the legal name from the foreign country is: "Michael Douglas, Alexander, Smith" (First name, Middle, Surname) > When I got married, I decided to drop the other name (Douglas) from the first name, use my surname as my new middle name, and get my spouse's last name as my last name as well. New name is: "Michael Smith Stiller" > I used "Michael Smith Stiller" as the new legal name for every identification card I applied for in the US including the application for AOS I-485 as the new legal name. > When we got to my AOS interview, the person who interviewed us said that the name on the green card can only be the name on the birth certificate (Michael Douglas Alexander Smith). But because of marriage they can change only the surname. Hence, they can go with Michael Douglas Alexander Stiller. This is the name written on my green card right now. I need some advice from you guys for this. I am happy that I got my spouse's last name in my green card but I am worried that all my other identification cards will not be in the same name as the green card. I understand that the green card is the main identification for getting a job and all that. Even my EAD card before I got my green card is in "Michael Smith Stiller." I want my green card to be the same name as my other cards and I find out that only birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport, and court name change document are the only documentations allowed with the form I-90. I don't have a court name change document but all the other documents are all in my original full name. Any advice for me out there? Will the court allow me to change my name even though it's been almost 9 months since I have been using my new name after marriage? I just don't like sitting this one out and leave it like that because I may be committing something unlawful for having two different names in different federal IDs. Thank you for the advice.
  2. Hi! I was just notified that my application for adjustment of status was approved last week and they have scheduled an interview on February 6, 2020. I am so nervous right now and I am not expecting it to be this quick since we just filed the application last July 2019. I'm asking for some tips to keep in mind for the interview. I know we just need to provide proof of our marriage to be bonafide plus bringing some documents. But what are the experiences of other people here? Another big concern I have right now is the I-797 approval notice of my EAD. When I opened the letter envelope with an envelope opener, I accidentally cut the document inside. I was so shocked, the I-797 approval notice is cut in half now. I researched online how to get a replacement for this and it turns out that I need to file a form I-824 and it costs $465 and it takes about 5 months to 13 months based on the USCIS processing times. My interview is next month so I don't think filing that will help me in time. I can bring the I-797 for the EAD approval with me but the document is cut in half but can I present my EAD card instead when it arrives? Advice from you guys will be really appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Thank you. I suddenly realized this because when I saw the ROM form on Philippine Embassy website it says on the right column "WIFE" which is not applicable to us. Good thing someone knows a thing or two regarding this case. I should just forget about reporting the marriage until some kind of miracle happens like the Philippines recognize same sex marriage. Should just carry some additional documents while travelling, then. Thanks for the reply!
  4. Hi I was looking for a topic like this because I am on the same case. I changed my name when I got married to my husband. I am trying to apply for advance parole and researching on how to report the marriage to the Philippines with the case of same sex marriage. So is it sure that we cannot report our marriage because of same sex marriage unrecognized in the Philippines? And if I get my green card in the future with my married name, is it okay to not worry about the name on my passport not matching (maiden name) and just carry a copy of the certificate of marriage? I'm just anxious about what will happen in immigration counters in airports in that case.
  5. Hi We are about to submit the AOS packet along with the EAD and AP forms via FedEx. But do we really need to include proof of relationship aside from the marriage certificate that we have? And do green card applicants always go through interview or are/were there some who sent enough proof of relationship already in the AOS packet so that they were exempted for an interview?
  6. Do I have to submit the AOS application before my visa expires or is it between the 90 days within I got in the United States? Visa expiry is on June 26 but I just got in the US on May 13 and my 90th day is around Aug 10.
  7. Hi there. Me and my husband just got married just under a month now and I am wondering how am I able to inform the USCIS that the marriage has gone through? Do I have to do anything with regards to any paperwork? It says on my visa that the k-1 visa expires on June 26 and I just dont want to get in trouble after that since we got married anyway. Thanks for the replies!
  8. I haven't filed the document yet because I am planning to file the forms I-485, I-765, I-131, I-864, and I-693 all at once. I'm still looking for a civil surgeon for the I-693 and MMR vaccine. Okay, thank you for clarifying that. So I just need to bring my marriage certificate to explain the difference in the name in the passport and sticker from the AP card?
  9. But I may be leaving US for the Philippines for a family visited in the foreseeable future, maybe in the next 10 months. I won't still have a green card by that time.
  10. Hi there. So I just got married with my husband a few weeks ago and I applied for Advanced Parole travel document under my married name. I remember back in the seminar in CFO that whenever I go back to the Philippines and then return to the US, the immigration officer will always ask for the certificate that I have completed the seminar. But the passport and the certificate that I have and the sticker that is attached in my passport are all in my maiden name. These documents wont show the same name as the one that will be in my travel document. So should I update the name that appears on my passport to my married name and will that still bear the same passport number? And how do I do that? All other IDs that I got when I got here in the US are all under my married name.
  11. Right. I found out that the clinic inside the military base where my husband is assigned to can give the MMR vaccine, which is the one that I need, for free. So could it be any doctor who could fill out the form or is it only a certain group of doctors? I just found out that I need the MMR. I'm just going to have that then go look for a doctor to fill out the form.
  12. I see. The doctor just needs proof that you were vaccinated and with that, they will be able to complete the I-693.
  13. When you got your MMR, did you also give the doctor your Form I-693?
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