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  1. Ugh Sorry to hear this! Not encouraging! Fingers crossed something comes your way any day now!
  2. We are both WELL aware that the verbal approval means nothing, hence the uneasiness! Hopefully ours comes as quickly as yours with no issue! Our IO told us 2 weeks - 120 days.
  3. Hi everyone, We had our green card interview yesterday, which was very exciting! Our officer was calm and kind, but told us from the start he wouldn't be able to approve us on the spot because there was a document missing. The document isn't anything from us, but something internal he was waiting on. He mentioned he had a few other cases before ours that had the same document missing and that he "requested" ours. He said it could be 2 weeks to 120 days (!!!!!!!!!) for the document to come to him and there is nothing we can do/no way to check it except to keep checking our case status and see if it changes from pending. Apart from that, he told us we were "unofficially approved" because everything we had/said was great - just missing that internal doc. We left with such mixed feelings because YAY we're approved! But also I have zero confidence that whatever document that is is going to turn up! I have a bad feeling it's a long road ahead. We all know how slow all the internal stuff can be. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Is this normal/common? He never said the name of the document, but mentioned something about I-129F and the medical.
  4. Congratulations on the approval!!!! This is the first I'm reading about pushback for medical exams less than a year old. Which bit of the instruction page did you how your guy?
  5. Yup, bring the mail notice and everything on the mail notice (they provide a list!).
  6. Not sure what the usual is but for us we got our interview scheduled about 3 weeks after our status was "ready to be scheduled." If you keep checking your status, it will change to "interview was scheduled" and that's when you know to be checking the mail. We did not get our combo card yet and likely will have the green card before EAD and AP.
  7. Hi everyone, We are so thrilled that we got a letter in the mail yesterday saying our AOS interview will be on October 18th! Our AOS packet was received by USCIS on June 26. We are pretty shocked with how quickly this has come about and now I'm nervous our lives haven't intertwined enough to bring evidence with us! We will obviously bring a copy of everything we sent with our initial packet, but does the below seem like enough additional evidence to have since then? We have: 1. Joint Checking Account 2. Joint Savings Account 3. Alien Spouse listed as a dependent on Health Insurance 4. Alien Spouse listed as a dependent on Dental Insurance 5. Alien Spouse as the person listed on our Internet Bill 6. Bills showing my last name has changed to his 7. Renters Insurance under both our names 8. Proof of shared vacation (New Orleans for a mini-moon) 9. Marriage celebration cards 10. Emails between us and our wedding venue for May 2020 If anyone can think of anything else we might be able to include/add my spouse to within the next month that would be great!
  8. Hi all, We have a few trips planned this fall around the UNITED STATES. We will NOT be leaving the country, however, we will be traveling within the US and my husband uses his foreign passport as his ID. His passport has the expired Fiance Visa in it. Will this pose any issues? Do we need to travel with proof (NOA1s, marriage cert) to prove that we are in the midst of the AOS process? Will airport security even know to check this? Thanks!
  9. Hi all, Any recommendations for the best/most reliable apps to track USCIS progress throughout the AOS process?
  10. Hi all, I thought I had this down, but then watched a Youtube video of someone assembling their package and I'm now second guessing. I am a female US Petitioner and have changed my last name to my husband's. On my first round of K-1 Visa forms I had my original last name. On this round of AOS forms, am I able to put my name exactly as it will appear on my new social security card? I kept my middle name the same, but this youtube video said I should put my previous last name as my middle name. That seems weird as none of my IDs will match that in the future. Also, my passport is not yet updated so it shows my original last name. But the marriage certificate shows I am changing that. Thank you!!
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