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  1. Hi Ellamcc, Congratulations! It is nice to know that the USCIS part is not taking too long. Did you had access to your USCIS case number before receiving I-797C? How did you obtain it? Thanks! Regards, Filipi
  2. This is to give an update on my this. I checked with my university and they prefer to await for USCI final approval. They said that when they have sent in the DOS letter on other cases in recent years it has not been accepted.
  3. Thanks! Sure, during my j1 I was sponsored by a government funding agency from Brazil. In my NOS the embassy included a statement informing that I fullfilled all my obligations with that sponsor. I didn't receive any funding from US, so it is a straight case I think.
  4. Thank you, I will check with the university about this possibility, they are handling my case (I don't have direct access to their Lawyer).
  5. Hey everyone, I've just received a status update for my j1 visa waiver from DoS indicating a favorable recommendation. I was offered with a job in a university and they are waiting for my waiver to apply for the H1-B visa (cap exempt). I've seem people here applying to the visa only with the DoS recommendation since USCIS will have a final decision on both. So I would like to know how to proceed and if I need to send the original recommendation letter to the university. Thanks
  6. Hey guys, my status changed to favorable recommendation. It took exactly 6 weeks, so maybe the new estimated times are overestimated. Hope everyone here get a favorable recommendation soon.
  7. The embassy said that they sent the NOS by 22 Dec 2018, so, they took about a month and a week to update my status.
  8. Hi Kr1234, I was worried as well because my embassy (Brazil) informed they have sent the NOS electronically to DOS. It took about a month to have it updated in the system. This is my current timeline: So I think you are good. Hope your status updates soon.
  9. This is bad news for everyone. I wonder if applications made before this change are still expected to be processed within the previous estimates. Aside from the new processing times, it seems that DoS is also taking much longer to update the initial case information in the website. In my case it took about a month from the time they received the package and the time they updated the website.
  10. Hi, The processing time starts after they receive all documents, so I believe it still too early for any news on that, it may still take 6~8 weeks. Note that it started only after they received the NOS in January. If you do not need sponsor views, this should be enough. If they need any other document they will ask you to send them. Regards, Filipi
  11. Visa status just updated indicating they received the NOC. How it's going for you? Any news?
  12. Hey, my case number status has just updated (what a relief). The no objection certificate is not there yet. My embassy sent the NOC a few weeks ago, maybe it take some time for them to add to the status (I've just sent a email to my Embassy to have it sent again, just in case). Thanks for the support. Hope your case is updated soon. Department of State Advisory Opinion Finding: Pending Item Action Date Fee Received January, 24 2019 Form DS-3035 Received January, 24 2019 Form DS-2019 Received January, 24 2019 Passport Data Page Received January, 24 2019 Statement Of Reason Received January, 24 2019
  13. Yes my embassy sent the NOS at about the same time the package arrived (around 20/DEC/2018). But no updates to the website and they are not responding any of my inquiries by email.
  14. No changes on the status page for my case yet and never got a response from 212ewaiver@state.gov, I sent an email more than 10 days ago and nothing. I've just sent another msg to them, let's see what happens.
  15. That is a good idea, however I'm not in US anymore, so for me it is a little bit complicated because I need to call the bank. I will try that later. How about you, did you checked if your order has been checked already?