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  1. Oh my goodness. We shipped ours out yesterday using USPS too, now I'm a little worried. Did you use priority mail?
  2. Hello all, is there a checklist or guide on how to submit AOS? What are the requirements? My husband and I are trying to send out packet out in Feb. Are pictures, insurance cards, bank statements a requirement? Thank you for your help!
  3. Congratulations! 👏 Where can I find Jan 2021 AOS thread?
  4. No, the spouse of the co sponsor does not have to fill out the I-134, at least not for my country.
  5. Also, do I put my fiance information here or none? He is the only person I have ever filed a petition for.
  6. Hi @Greenbaum or anyone on here, is there a step by step guide/instructions on how the sponsor and joint sponsor has to fill out the I-134? How do I and the joint sponsor answer the question showed in the attached screenshot? What additional information do we give?
  7. Hey there, so we received a document from them the 1st page has instructions about the DS 160 and how to fill out the applicant statement which is on the 2nd page of the document. We were instructed to send them an email with the completed applicant statement & the confirmation page for the DS 160. I hope this helps. 😀
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