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  1. I worked for a very small e-commerce company and business has recently taken a nosedive. So, as of this past Friday I'm now unemployed. My fiance is about to schedule his interview and I was considering applying for unemployment benefits. However, will that affect his AOS case further down the line? I feel confident that I'll find another job soon and I shouldn't use too much of my benefits available to me. But given the current changes in immigration, I'm scared that because I used my unemployment benefits it will adversely affect him. Am I being paranoid?
  2. Just to update this...I emailed the US Embassy in Bogota and they confirmed that his children are not a part of this process. Although I'm still confused as to why they were included in the email in the first place.
  3. My fiance received his packet from the Embassy in Bogota. In the email it lists his children as "traveling applicants'. We are applying for a K1 visa and his kids are not obliviously part of this. Does he need to contact the Embassy to let them know? What does this mean?
  4. Okay. I understand the "not using public benefits"portion of all of this. I agree with that as it's our job as sponsors to take care of our beneficiaries. My fiance won't even receive his K1 visa until Oct/Nov and by the time we marry and apply for his green card, we may not get it, according to these new regulations. The credit checks and 250% over poverty level is too much. This excludes (and I'm sure on purpose) those coming here from poorer countries, who also have lower income families that are supporting them. I make enough to support both of us until he can start working legally but not at 250%! This reeks of not only racism but of class-ism as well.
  5. Hello all, I accepted a FT position from my PT employer about 6 months ago. Should I include an employment letter from both my current job and my previous one? To give some context, I worked my previous job about 4.5 yrs while also working PT at my current job for 2yrs (I worked overnights and PT/current job was online so I could do both jobs at the same time) I make well over the poverty level so that's not a worry, but I would like to show that I have/had steady employment for a long time. Am I overthinking this? Thanks for all your help!
  6. My fiance and I are trying to plan our financials out whenever he arrives here. (We are waiting on the NOAA 2) Is he able to have an online job aka Upworks or similar where he gets paid into a bank account in his own country and work here while waiting for his permit? I've found info online that says yes and no. I understand online work is a bit of a grey area but he needs a little income coming in while we are waiting and that seems to be the best option. What are your thoughts?
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