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  1. What is the price of the rate to schedule the appointment at the embassy? I am in Ecuador and i do not find information on how much we should pay to schedule our appointment. Help thanks
  2. Noa2 on July 2, more than 4 weeks have passed and physical or electronic letters have not yet arrived. My fiance calling and calling the NVC and only answers computers that do not respond. What to do we did the address update by writing to the NVC.
  3. The NOA 2 has just arrived in the mail of my fiance with date of approval 02/07/2019 it almost took two weeks to arrive
  4. hello to all! a question how it can hurt if the petitioner wants to declare bankruptcy for a debt with credit cards. Can you present problems with the visa petition? or what should be done. I appreciate your answers.
  5. Is it necessary for the physical letter to arrive with the NoA 1 or with only the text message on the cell phone is enough?
  6. The reason for the denial of the first case was because we entered the application after two years and five months without seeing each other in person. We have a son together who is already an American citizen. Now we re-entered the k1 application fulfilling the two-year requirement immediately seen in person. We can not marry for lack of papers and time.
  7. doubt Because it is not advisable to request again the same visa application if the previous one was denied? I'm from the 2nd April I send April 9 I receive by text message. In November of 2018 they returned my case to immigration and on April 4, 2019 we received the immigration letter with the termination of the previous case. And we re-entered a new k1 application. However, in similar cases, I see that they recommend cr1. And I'm worried about why?
  8. if it is preferable to let the previous approval expire to enter the other one. I wish you the best this time everything turns out well!
  9. Did they give you the reason why they denied you a visa? Your approval that you made is valid only four months. We receive news when our application expires in five months
  10. We corrected the error the first time. It was not having seen us in person the two years immediately after entering the application. This second time we did it immediately. We have a son together who is already an American citizen. So what they want is a relationship of good faith.
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