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  1. EAC filer. January 29: Received date March 9th : Fingerprints waived April 6th: New card being produced I was very close to filing N-400 but held off. Now i will feel more free to do so without the chance of I-751 being transferred. Looks like EAC is moving. Good luck everyone!😃
  2. My guess is EAC wasn’t approving any January filers back in November anyway so you filling N-400 back then was still ok? And perhaps filing now might cause some disruption in the approving process for I-751. Just a guess. i did not. I was very close though. But now that I’m seeing people getting approved that are around my time frame, I guess it doesn’t hurt to wait a week or two more.
  3. Damn, I didn’t know that, was this close to submitting recently. Maybe I will hold out as well. Thanks for your info on this.
  4. Omg, such a great news. Congrats! My case was received a week and half after you so I’m anxiously waiting after seeing this. May I ask why you decided to hold off on filing N-400?
  5. Same!!! Wondering if I will see similar thing happens. EAC so far is one of the slowest center.
  6. Do you know which office they transferred you to? And what’s your original office?
  7. Anyone with EAC applications got any movements beyond fingerprints waiver? Been cricket since March.
  8. My darling filing period won’t open until 11/15. Still about 2 more months for EAC to work through my application!
  9. I did biometrics when I applied for AOS. They waived it for ROC.
  10. Anyone has any updates with EAC applications? I’m 2 months away from being eligible to apply for citizenship and still no updates other than fingerprints waiver.
  11. Update on our I-751: Application sent via FedEx : 01/27 Application received : 01/29 Checked cash + text with case # EAC : 03/03 NOA with 18 months extension received : 03/04 (the very next day)
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