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  1. https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p
  2. where are you seeing $21,138? have new guidelines for 2019 been published? im looking on uscis and family of two it says $20,575
  3. ok ive just had one of those smack my head moments why why why did i forget emails and scans even existed? doh!!!! ( had seriously been pricing up how much it would cost me to print it all out - doing perhaps three copies of the whole package - and fed ex or dhl it all to him - not even going to try and type the words ive just called myself) thanks pushbrk for waking my brain up!
  4. Hi All not sure if there will be a definitive answer to this question although im the beneficiary and in the uk , i am the one doing all of the work for our i-130 package ... i will then send it to hubby in the USA to sign and write the cheque and then mail into chicago at present the uscis website says they will publish a new form 'soon' so my question is - say i send off the current form to my husband on monday and they change the edition on tuesday - then it takes him another week to send it to chicago - - is there a likely cut off time when the old form will no longer be accepted? are they flexible?
  5. isnt 158 pages a bit excessive? noones at uscis / nvc is ever going to read that much surely. ive actually read that too much evidence annoys them.
  6. thanks sarah - - sorry i didnt get around to saying thankyou yesterday - had one of those days
  7. Hi everyone My husband the usc petitioner lived with friends for a couple of years .... And moved between two states and four friends houses over the space of two years. None of this was official and rent paying ... it was just extended visits really ..but at the time he didn't rent or own a home. These two years are the earliest two years we need to list his addresses for on the i-130 ... And we do not know any dates! Should we just put the addresses down and no dates then use the supplementary information form to write down what was going on?
  8. thanks all ... i appreciate your replies
  9. hello all my husband and i are just beginning the ir-1 journey but i havent seen anyone else go down this road at our ages yet and i wondered if it will be a 'red flag' ... i am a uk citizen aand he is us citizen, i am almost 60 and he is late 60s. i have no health issues and finance isnt a problem. we already own property together and have been married six years. thanks in advance for your replies