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  1. Hello Guys I Received DQ email from NVC 3 Days ago I submit my documents 26May 2020 PD 6oct2015.
  2. Congrats Rodo please share your interview experience with CO and tell me what is ur priority date and when you interviewed?
  3. Its not opposite Man Judge Refuse mean Judge Refuse to block mean Not able to Implement this order refuse to block. go and Google translate this wording.
  4. Good news Guys US 9th Circut Judge Just Block the New Green card Immigration Ban. here is https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxnews.com/politics/judge-refuses-to-block-trumps-coronavirus-green-card-freeze.amp
  5. its mean your visa is issued so go to ustraveldoc nd make your id and get the visa from american express office When you interviewed they give you green paper so follow the instruction
  6. On Monday Donal Trump said he will restrict Immigration by signing Executive order and Today W post said that he further clarify The Order effect at least 60 days and other immigration forum post which category not include in this order Its Spouse and children on US citizen and legal resident so not to worry these fillers.
  7. you Dont need to go back to your home country when your priority date get current in any chart by visiting travel.state.gov then you can adjust your status by filing I-845 and my advise is please consult with immigration lawyer so do not com back.
  8. yes i call just one day ago from Approval and they talk only with the petitioner,
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