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  1. hello everyone on 10th march i had interview  in USA embassy in Afghanistan, and after  finish they gave me  this yellow paper. they line in on issue to my case number. is that means i am good to go they didn't ask any additional paper. they took my passport and two photos that means i have to wait for visa? if yes how long wait for visa  after interview  please see and reply me 


    1. NeHAZ16


      Hello @Zara7860 , my fiancé also got a yellow card and his interview was 11 months ago. This means you are in administrative processing. The Embassy in Kabul has been giving yellow card  to almost everyone and putting them in administrative processing.  Every case is different but most people have been waiting for a year or more after their interview  and still haven’t got their visa. But it is a good sign that they took your passport. I hope you get your visa soon! 

    2. Ahmad9


      Hello Zara, I am glad you had your interview and they took your passport. Go to the CEAC website and check your case from time to time. Now it should say" administrative processing" when you check it ( or in a week or so ) and then it will change to " ready" and then to "issued".

      Also check your email they may have sent you a form to fill out , it ask for your social media , trips outside the country etc.

      My wife is also given this type of yellow slip and she has been waiting for more than two months now. I hope they give you your visa soon as each case is different. I read somewhere that most cases that are in AP ( administrative processing)  take at least 60 days. Good luck  and thanks for the update .




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