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  1. I assumed if I was going to be rejected for the K-1 they would automatically take the B2 with it.
  2. Yes I do have one. It was issued two years ago but never used. Valid till 2022 I think.
  3. Yes we did. I need to get some of the dates sorted out but other than we're mostly good. I also forgot to mention something. My entire immediate family (including myself) already have B2 Visitor visas. Does this help the K1 process at all by lending credibility to my case, or are they separate things?
  4. I'm referring to being told that my application will go through further AP without explicit rejection or approval at the end of the interview. One Egyptian guy on the form (Super Uber) was put on AP for 2 years before he go the visa. He returned it because he was already married to his fiance so he didn't qualify for the k-1 visa anymore. Yes she's joining me for the interview for emotional support plus she's in Egypt for her final semester at AUC and till the end of the summer, after that, we have no idea. Sucks that my degree might screw me over beyond job hunting though. I forgot to mention that her dad is also a co-sponser which should further strengthen our case. I'm worried about our future inability to cohabitate if we get sent to AP hell (not being able to get married in Egypt during AP), not our current inability to cohabitate.
  5. I hadn't actually considered if my educational background could affect the outcome of the visa interview. I'm doing a BS in Electronics and Communication Engineering... probably not good. Egypt is the second largest recipient of US foreign Aid (first is Israel) so that shouldn't be a huge issue. If I break it down I'm worried about 3 things. 1) My nerves getting the better of me during the interview 2) The fact that I have little parental involvement from my side of the equation in an Arab Muslim majority country 3) The fact that there no guarantees for how long AP lasts. I could push for more parental involvement from my side and present more evidence at the interview. But points 1 and 3 are still present. In any case, thank you for sharing your experience with me. It has calmed me down a bit. I didn't know being physically together in the same country was rare.
  6. Hi Guys, My fiance and I filed the I-129F on the 22nd of October 2018. We still haven't recieved the NOA2 but we're still within reported processing times on the USCIS website for the service center it was received at. My fiance and I have a solid case: She's been here for over 2 years doing her masters at the American University in Cairo while I finish my bachelors. We met during her senior year study abroad at AUC. I met a lot of her family, specifically her dad and brother, her mother passed away in 2013. I met her dad when he came to Egypt for a brief visit and another time when I went on a family vacation with them in Europe. On the Europe trip I met her aunt, her brother, the dad's girlfriend and the brother's girlfriend. All of this is documented with photographic evidence. We have affidavits of support from her dad, a friend of hers from the US who came to visit, a friend of mine here (He's the once who told me I should grow a pair and start talking to her at the start of our relationship), and her roommate during her first year here (also a US citizen and a professor at AUC). We hired a lawyer in the Boston area to help us with filing. We also have evidence of a wedding dress, wedding bands, and within a few months a wedding venue if we get the NOA2. The only red flag we have is that I didn't get an affidavit of support from my family because they didn't like her that much and didn't want to help me because they just didn't approve of the marriage. Post filing, my situation has changed a bit and they've stopped outright rejecting my desire to marry her. From what I can tell this is apparently a death sentence when it comes to administrative processing in Egypt. She has no problem staying in Egypt for as long as necessary to get the Visa assuming she can find work. The only problem with that is we can't realistically live together unless we get married here because Egypt is incredibly conservative. If we decide to get married here we'd have to withdraw our application for the fiance visa and start the process all over again with the CR-1. I realize this fear may be incredibly premature but to be honest I am absolutely terrified and I'm genuinely losing sleep over this. Has anyone every experienced a scenario like this before?