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  1. I applied yesterday and will see how it goes
  2. I had a DUI back in 2012. It was stricken off my record, but I think they still can deny based on that.
  3. And how did you get approved for GE?
  4. The first time the CBP officer said that they need more time to process me, so they send me to the room. Maybe because that was my first time entering with new GC and it was my first travel in many years.
  5. Hello everyone! I traveled 2 times after receiving my 2 years card. First time when I got to ORD POE they sent me to secondary and I waited there for 50 minutes. At the end they just handed me my passport and GC and I was free to go. The second time, I got to the CBP officer and he started asking me all this questions (felt like it was another interview): if I'm still married? where my wife works? what she does for living? when is her birthday? when we got married?, etc. After I answered all his questions, he stamped my passport and I was free to go. The question is (just assuming, since I couldn't find the answer here): If I'm divorced and I have my form I-751 filed with a waiver, but my GC is still valid, will that be an issue to enter, since they ask all this questions about my marriage?