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  1. They ll tell you it's because of a stamp issue. It will not take 180 days , that s for sure. Try not to worry about it, they will not deny you during this review
  2. It is actually pretty much what happened to us. Our case gor approved on the 11th of Jan, got sent back to USCIS from the NVC at the very end of Jan (29 i think) and got reapproved on the 5th of March. so it will push ur case one month behing, but have patience it s happening. As far as i ve seen those petitions bein sent back to USCIS are going in waves, so maybe youy can find someone whose petition got sent back in the same day as yours did. good luck and don't lose hope!
  3. Mine has already been sent and it's at the embassy all is good!
  4. The next shipment is on the 2nd of April. I hope the first week of may is a safe choice.
  5. Has your case been shipped today? I called the NVC and they said my case did not reach yet.
  6. YOu press 1 for english, then press for checking you case status, then you press 2 for lost or do not have the receipt number; you will be given the option to enter your receipt nb and talk to a rep. Took me a while to figure it out, good luck!
  7. Just got off the phone with USCIS and it seems like the department of State reapproved my petition and sent it back.He said to allow 180 days since the NVC sent the case to USCIS at most before forwarding it to NVC. So one step forward but still nowhere close to the file actually reaching the local embassy
  8. No, I have no update but then again myuscis never updated in the first place. I will ask my fiance to call today and ask. Glad it worked out for you
  9. When did you receive the two letters? At the end of feb? My case has been sent back to USCIS at the end of Jan as well for some stamp issue but I have not heard anything about it since. I'm hoping my case was in the same pile as yours
  10. Came back here hoping for a better answer 😛 we also called uscis and told that there was a stamp error, but we were told that the fix will take up to 6 weeks tops. Other people on forums said that this issue does, indeed, take between 3 and 6 weeks, so the 190 days is unlikely. Good luck, keep us updated!
  11. If they told you USCIS did not request it it's most probably a stamp or other minor error. As far as I've read on forums you have more reasons to be concerned if USCIS asked for the file back for revision.
  12. I also called today and they told me the nvc sent my file back to USCIS. Hope everything will be fine for both of us
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