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  1. gwt1971

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    Thank you for the comforting words.
  2. gwt1971

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    I ended the relationship with her. Thank you everyone for your assistance.
  3. gwt1971

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    I spoke to her yesterday and asked for her passport and her response was she will get back to me and that was 24 hours ago. Have not heard from her since
  4. gwt1971

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    At times I have questioned her integrity because my gut was telling me something. She would get upset with me and tell me I hurt her for thinking these things. I feel so stupid.
  5. gwt1971

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    I think she made the payment at the bank. I told her before sending the money that I will take care of it online and pay for it. But her reply was that she will take care of it and asked that I send the money to her.
  6. gwt1971

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    No, I have not received her passport number. I didn't get any kind of case number once the case was transferred from the USCIS to the embassy. I don't have any information on NOA1 NOA2. This is the email I got from the embassy yesterday when I was trying to find out the status of her interview: Good Morning, Thank you for contacting the Immigrant Visa Unit. According to our records, instructions on how to proceed were sent to the e-mail address ***************.com on September 11, 2018. Please refer to those instructions to get further information on how to book an appointment, pay the visa fee, medical exams and all necessary documents for the interview.
  7. gwt1971

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    Thank you everyone. She says she paid it on 11/09/18 and stated that she has not received a confirmation or an interview date. The embassy told me I need her passport number or the embassy case number
  8. I need some help here. My K1 Visa for my fiance was approved and submitted to the embassy. They in turn emailed my fiance instructions on getting her passport, documents, etc. I sent her the money to pay for the visa application so that she can be scheduled for an interview. According to my fiance she paid the visa fee on 11/09/18. I the petitioner am trying to verify that the fee was paid. I cannot get any further information from the embassy. All they tell me is the instructions were emailed to my fiance. Can anyone tell me how I can find out if the fee was paid? I am trying to get her passport number but she has not responded with it. I am thinking that she lied to me.