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  1. All the information provided by all of you it's appreciate it! Thank you! I feel more calm now
  2. Hi, I saw on the news that there is at least 9 U.S. cities to be targeted by ICE raids, and I was wondering could that affect someone waiting for the approval notice of the waiver? I mean, someone who never had any legal issues before and doesn't have any removal proceeding on pause? Does anyone know the answer for that? just waiting for the answer from uscis and nvc is just waiting too.
  3. Thank you so much for the suggestion, will do that definitely. Although he does have a stable job here, i'll make sure to explain that to him about the copy of I-130 and he should also take his work id card with him which has his photo in it. ^_^
  4. That is correct, It will be mailed to me in my family's address in the US. I'm just getting things ready to leave..
  5. I see. Thank you so much for the information. It's good to have things clear before doing them to avoid any issues. At least he has a tourist visa ^_^*
  6. Thank youuu ALL, for all the replies... it is appreciate it that you took the time! ^_^* Aaah, I didn't know that. I'm not in the US yet I'm getting things settled before i leave. As far as you all are saying, We will have to do F2A process with I-130 for him after we get married? correct?
  7. Hello, I recently became LPR from F2B category. My boyfriend and I will get married very soon, and would like some advice since he is in our home country, which is Dominican Republic. We would like to do the AoS because we were told is the best way to at least stay together while we wait. What do you guys think? Any recommendation? Do I need to send over I-130 with everything? i mean, I-485, I-765. ..etc? all together? or is it mandatory to first wait for the I-130 Approval? Sorry to ask, but i'm new with this. Any advice would be appreciate it!
  8. Hi, Congratulations! God bless. May I ask, please let me know which waiver did you process? 601 or 601A? and before the approval when was the date of your fingerprints and photo appointment? Thank you in advance! Any the info would be appreciate it.
  9. This is for a F2B family based GC consular processing abroad already Completed/Accepted by NVC. I also noticed during this december (2018) that the status in my forms changed from completed to Accepted. Does anybody know if NVC send an email explaining that documents were accepted and will work with embassy to scheduled the interview unless the appointment date is near? I know about the 60-90 days. Please advice? I'll appreciate any orientation, thoughts, ideas..etc.
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